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Area: 5888268 km2
Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
HydroBasin Level:
Baseline Water Stress:
Water Quality Stress:
Sanitation Access Stress:
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2.48 out of 5
WWF Country Risk Score
134 out of 248 Countries
WWF Country Rank
Total Organizations: 15
Total Projects: 38
Priority SDGs: --
Priority Regions: --
Priority Industries: --
Organization Types:
International Organization
Utility / Water Service Provider
Profile Completion: 36%

Water-Related Challenge Costs

Total annual estimated cost to address all water-related challenges: $24,961,561,739.00

Share of total annual estimated cost to address each individual challenge (2015 $USD):

  • Access to Drinking Water: $3,385,802,771.00 - [14%]
  • Access to Sanitation: $4,002,305,909.00 - [16%]
  • Industrial Pollution: $2,593,866,792.00 - [10%]
  • Agricultural Pollution: $2,587,380,849.00 - [10%]
  • Water Scarcity: $8,231,945,128.00 - [33%]
  • Water Management: $4,160,260,290.00 - [17%]

Water Challenges

As reported by organizations on the Hub.

Water Demand and Competition among Users
Local Water Resource Governance
Physical water supply
Access to Water Supply and Water Services
Upstream Water Issues

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Organizations in Indonesia

APP vision is to become the 21st century's premiere, world-class pulp and paper manufacturer dedicated to providing superior value to shareholders, employees and the community. Sustainable water management is one of its commitments to provide superior value. Learn More

PT. Ekamas Fortuna's production operations are in East Java. The products include corrugating medium, kraft liner, core board, chip board, wrapping paper, paper tube / core, and laminating paper. Learn More

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a global action network with over 3,000 Partner organisations in 179 countries. The network has 68 accredited Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships. The network is open to all organisations involved in … Learn More

HYDROC is an association of independent consultants, -scientists and -engineers, providing water-related services through a network of national and international experts. Our concept uses the synergies of our combined expertise for the successful implementation of a variety of projects. Our … Learn More

PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk is an Indonesia-based company operating in the pulp and paper industry. The Company's major business activities are categorized into two segments, namely Paper and pulp products and Packaging products. Learn More

Manufacturing semiconductor products Learn More

For as long as nearly 70 years since its founding in 1949, Kurita Water Industries has been consistently operating in two areas of "water and the environment." To cater to diverse customer needs, the Kurita Group provides comprehensive solutions by … Learn More

PT Lontar Papyrus Pulp &amp; Paper Industry manufactures and distributes pulp and tissue products to customers in Indonesia, China, the Middle East, the United States, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. Learn More

The company specializes in innovative water treatment solutions with the use of renewable energy. Climate change and demographic growth will double the water demand by 2030 (UN). More than 3.9 billion people may suffer from the lack of water by … Learn More

PT Holland for Water is a social enterprise that provides the best, safest and most affordable household water filters under the brand name Nazava Water Filters. Our vision is that everyone, everywhere has access to safe and affordable drinking water … Learn More

We are a water efficiency expert and provide services to the broadest range of stakeholders. Our mission is to lead a more responsible usage through the implementation of basic Circular Economy principles. Our three main targets are: To fight over-consumptions, … Learn More

"The Republic of Indonesia Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) is a non-structural institution that is under and is responsible to the President. BRG was formed on January 6, 2016, through Presidential Regulation Number 1 of 2016 concerning the Peat Restoration Agency. … Learn More

Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills manufactures and sells paper, carton boxes, and related products in Indonesia. It offers pulp, tissue paper, packaging, and other products. Learn More

To provide a safe and affordable sanitation system for every home in rural areas. The Safe Water Gardens project was brought to life by a coalition of scientists, concerned people and business partners. Our vision is to provide a safe … Learn More

Veragon Technologies provide sustainable, clean, pure drinking water where it’s needed most, when it’s needed most, in the most extreme conditions. The atmospheric water generators take the water vapour from the air around us, filter it, condense it and turn … Learn More

Projects in Indonesia

Since launching in 2016, our ÒSave WaterÓ public awareness campaign has led consumers to save an estimated 155 billion gallons of water. The campaign shows how a small change like turning off the tap when you brush your teeth can … Learn More

Durban Beach Cleanup Ð Through NedbankÕs #TeamUp4KZN campaign that was linked to the Nedbank Cup Final, Nedbank raised funds for Durban's communities that were devastated by the Easter floods. In addition, the Nedbank's Green Affinity team led beach cleanups at … Learn More

Veolia understands the COVID-19 pandemic as a message from nature that human society is reaching its breaking point. In response, it has pledged to protect nature and biodiversity on World Environment Day on June 5, 2020. Veolia has developed 10 … Learn More

Ñ Through our ÔA Greener StayÕ programme, IHG¨ Rewards Club members can forgo housekeeping, reducing their energy and water usage associated with linen cleaning. Learn More

The project goal is to address the problem of limited access to water experienced by the communities in and around the Giam Siak Kecil Biosphere Reserve in Sumatra. This problem will be addressed by developing a community-based water treatment system … Learn More

A pilot project by Sumitomo Forestry and Indonesia's Ministry of Environment and Forestry to develop sustainable management mechanisms and technologies of peatland forests to ensure consistently high ground water levels to prevent peat fire and to encouraging grows of trees. … Learn More

Globally we have established programs to help us drive water efficiency at our manufacturing sites and those platforms have helped us reduce our overall water footprint. The results of our global direct operations water risk assessment will further allow us … Learn More

"Water is life… the need and utilization of ground water is increasing, while the need to recharge water into the soil is being underestimated,” said Dr. Lilik Sudiajeng, PNB Professor of Civil Engineering and head of research. High demands for … Learn More

Bali Water Protection or BWP, is our call Bali’s spiritual, political, economical and civil leadership as well as to all visitors and residents to take responsibility in addressing the province’s rapidly dismissing freshwater supply. We are here to impulse rapid … Learn More

We established a "river collaborative" with other industries and Stellenbosch Municipality, Stellenbosch University and WWF and the water and environmental regulatory authorities with the view of developing an operational plan to improve the water quality. The cost of response is … Learn More

The Gunung Leuser ecosystem on Sumatra is one of the largest carbon sinks in Asia. It possesses a stunning amount of biodiversity and is also a vital water catchment area for millions of people. However, the region is currently being … Learn More

All global manufacturing sites are expected to follow and implement the performance expectations outlined in the Colgate EOHS Water Stewardship Standard. This internal standard sets minimum performance criteria for all sites, as well as increased requirements for sites located in … Learn More

Improve the environmental quality in urban slums through community-based waste management. Key project goals and objectives: 1. Establish people's capacity to manage waste in the environment. 2. Provide real support from the government for waste management. 3. Change the quality … Learn More

Spanish Description below - - - Do–ana Natural Park is one of Spain's most emblematic biodiversity hot spots and one of the most important protected natural areas in Europe. A crucial hub for migratory birds travelling between Africa and Europe … Learn More

In addition many projects are carried out in several countries to reinforce Danone licence to operate. For example in Klaten Indenesia aims to empowers farmers around the factory by promoting sustainable agriculture especially water and soil management . this project … Learn More

Managing and revitalizing "Gajahwong" river conservation for sustainable water resource through multi-stakeholder collaboration program. The first mission is to develop water, health and food security in accordance with the local principle of "GREBEG AIR" that is focused to foster a … Learn More

APP have been working with NGOs and government agencies to improve clean water access for employees and underserved communities that live and work near their mills. For instance, they have provided them with portable washbasins and raised more awareness on … Learn More

The Rimba Raya Reserve is located in Borneo’s southeast stretching almost 100 kilometers from North to South along the borders of Tanjung Puting National Park. The reserve covers around 64,000 hectares and is dedicated to the protection and preservation of … Learn More

North Coast of Java is facing serious challenges, mainly as a consequence of land subsidence caused by overexploitation of groundwater. This results in the disappearance of mangrove forests and increased coastal erosion and flooding, threatening coastal communities and urban areas.The … Learn More

OBJECTIVES The project aims at adding value to coffee fields with agroforestry plantations, improving ecosystem conditions in fields, ensuring the long-term quality and availability of coffee and increasing &amp; diversifying revenues for farmers and populations. The KBQ Baburrayyan cooperative was … Learn More

Within the coming four years, Nazava aims to be the number one provider of household water filters for all Indonesians living below 7USD per day. In order to reach our goal Nazava will focus to further develop, motivate and improve … Learn More

All sites are prioritizing water efficient practices to reduce usage and wastage on sites to minimise water draws. Site personnel are trained in good water management practices including leak detection and repair and optimisation of water use processes, where possible. … Learn More

In 2019 Nedbank took its partnership with WWF-SA to the next level by entering into a five- year, R25 million water source area conservation partnership. The focus of this programme is on the protection and development of effective water ecosystems … Learn More

The Company’s policy on water efficiency is to build catchment wells and bio pore holes at Express Taxi pools. Absorption wells play an important role in eliminating puddles and facilitating the infiltration of rainwater into the ground so that Express … Learn More

As part of Croda's overall sustainability goals, there is a group target to reduce water withdrawal by 10% by 2020. All manufacturing sites are required to contribute towards this target and therefore reduce their own water withdrawal. Project Results Reduce … Learn More

As part of our water strategy concerning “high-risk” sites and as part of our SMART program, the site will define and follow water reduction plans at site level together with awareness actions at site level. Following the definition of the … Learn More

Danone, its Ecosystem Fund, and the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF), and other partners have joined forces in Indonesia to protect the threatened Rejoso watershed. Various nature-based solutions have been employed to improve water conditions, mitigate flood risks, and minimize erosion. … Learn More

Amatil's Indonesian operations conduct significant community engagement activities in and around our sites including river basin restoration projects including reforestation, installing infiltration wells to improve aquifer recharge rates and community access through direct supply such as wells and sanitation infrastructure. … Learn More

PHASE 4 We contribute to the Rio Grande Water FundÕs work to help advance water conservation and education e orts in the Albuquerque community, including restoring forests to reduce catastrophic wildfires that threaten the areaÕs water supply. Over the past … Learn More

Starbucks and Conservation International began an assessment of the water component of the Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices program in 2008, focused on 2 stages in the coffee value chain: cultivating, growing and harvesting coffee using methods that avoid … Learn More

The company sets up farmer support projects that teach farmers a range of good agricultural practices including improved irrigation techniques. We have partnered with drip irrigation providers to supply farmers with modern irrigation systems at a subsidized rate. We are … Learn More

The first OSMOSUN® solar powered desalination plant was installed and operated by Komodo Water, Akuo Indonesia and Mascara Renewable Water in the Komodo National Park, Eastern Indonesia, and has produced drinking water for the population since June 2019. Moving forward, … Learn More

Water scarcity is an increasing phenomenon that already affects 4 billion people today. Water resources are becoming scarcer due to population growth, an increased water footprint and climate change. The key objective of this project is to get sustainable access … Learn More

The WASH SMS Project is harnessing the potential of mobile phones and internet technology to create a highly accessible communication and data tracking system that develops crowd-sourced data i the form of maps and data sets to improve water and … Learn More

In 2019 Nedbank took its partnership with WWF-SA to the next level by entering into a five- year, R25 million water source area conservation partnership. The focus of this programme is on the protection and development of effective water ecosystems … Learn More

NedbankÕs partnership with WWF-SA on its Water Balance Programme for eight years, providing R12 million in funding and resulting in our being operationally net zero water users, as well on its Sustainable Agriculture Programme, investing R18 million over six years. … Learn More

The daily operation of a brewery in a water-stressed area is an ongoing challenge. To help protect water resources for future generations, Multi Bintang has developed four water stewardship programs since 2014. These focus on water efficiency, water source protection, … Learn More

Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Banten, Yogyakarta, Sulawesi Selatan, Aceh, Sulawesi Barat, Jakarta Raya, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Kalimantan Barat, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Kalimantan Selatan, Central Java, East Java. Reach up to 1 million people per year with lasting access … Learn More

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