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About Us

The Water Action Hub is a global online collaboration and knowledge sharing platform for water sustainability and climate resilience, developed by the CEO Water Mandate.

The Hub helps companies and other organizations address water risk, advance sustainable water management, and build resilience by:

  1. Raising awareness of sustainability projects around the world and the organizations administering them
  2. Allowing organizations to propose new projects and garner interest among potential partners
  3. Facilitating new partners and collective action

The Hub visually places organizations' sustainability projects as well as organization locations on a global map. Users can filter the hundreds of projects on the Hub by several different variables, including: country, region, type of project, SDG targets addressed, project status, and the types of organizations involved. From there, users can simply learn about the project or contact the project team to get involved.

Ultimately, the Hub aims to catalog and raise awareness of the vast network of water stewardship and climate resilience projects around the world. In doing so, it inspires action, helps share best practice and innovative ideas, and promotes collaboration among the many different organizations committed to addressing the world's many sustainability challenges.

Questions? Email us at: contact@wateractionhub.org