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The Water Action Hub catalogs water sustainability projects around the world focused on a wide variety of topics and SDGs. Each project is affiliated with one or more organizations. Use the map and filters below to find and connect to projects relevant to your organization.



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Area: 5888268 km2
Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
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Baseline Water Stress:
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Urban Rivers is creating a wildlife-first, mile-long river park located in the North Branch Channel of the Chicago River known as ‘The Wild Mile’. Our park boasts a series of floating gardens & trees, habitat installations, access points, and educational … Learn More

Lançado em 2017, o Água + Acesso é uma aliança de impacto coletivo formada por empresas e organizações da sociedade civil que atuam e cooperam para ampliar o acesso à água segura e de forma sustentável em comunidades rurais de … Learn More

A água mineral AMA, da Ambev, é um produto social cujo modelo de negócios foi desenvolvido para reverter 100% do lucro em projetos de acesso à água potável em comunidades do semiárido brasileiro. A Fundación Avina é parceira da Ambev … Learn More

Namungalu is a small village in Jinja the eastern part of Uganda. This village consists of about 2500 people in the communities. These communities lack access to safe and clean water, hundreds fetch from ditches,ponds consisting of stagnant unsafe and … Learn More

Water is a previous natural resource and its judicious use is responsibility of every company. At AGEL, water is required for construction of renewable energy projects during construction phase and for solar module cleaning during the operations. Along with this, … Learn More

Water as a source for community health is framed for our development through livelihood. As water scarcity in the community attention is opted to initiate an alternative programmes to have water . Uganda among nations that receives rainfalls twice a … Learn More

Our project is aimed to deliver one soap for one child in areas that are highly affected by death due to Lack of Soap and water after toilet and before preparing food. Our plan is to reduce death rate in … Learn More

Climate Ready Boston is the City of Boston’s initiative to prepare for the impacts of climate change. The 2016 Climate Ready Boston report assessed Boston’s climate vulnerabilities, including increased precipitation, sea level rise, and extreme heat, and identified initiatives to … Learn More

Ndzenkov quaterthat, a quater in Kumbo, in the North West Region of Cameroon is host to about 2000 people has been suferring from water crisis since the Kumbo Water Scheme was damaged in September 2018 die to the ongoing crisis. … Learn More

We are looking to build water and safe and affordable toilet facilities for 69 primary schools in rural Abuja, Nigeria. We succeded in bilfing for two schools under the kind sponsirship of the Us Embassy Abuja. We have 69 more … Learn More