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Area: 5888268 km2
Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
HydroBasin Level:
Baseline Water Stress:
Water Quality Stress:
Sanitation Access Stress:
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The Gunung Leuser ecosystem on Sumatra is one of the largest carbon sinks in Asia. It possesses a stunning amount of biodiversity and is also a vital water catchment area for millions of people. However, the region is currently being … Learn More

Project Overview As with many small island developing states, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) has had little if anything to do with causing global climate change, but is left to now cope with the consequences. The country faces … Learn More

Implementation of specific pilot measures in the Indian cities of Kochi (Kerala), Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) and Bhubaneshwar (Orissa) to anchor climate-friendly solutions in urban management in the areas of urban green planning, “green buildings“ (=improvement of climate and environmental impacts … Learn More

Since 2016 UDP has been working with UNHCR and other humanitarian organisations to better understand the issues and opportunities surrounding access to clean energy in situations of displacement By the end of 2019, 79.5m people had been forcibly displaced as … Learn More

Restoring Tahoe Headwater Working closely with local communities, we are supporting health forest, sustainable recreation and clean water in the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe. The NFF’s largest Treasured Landscapes site, the Tahoe Headwaters, covers 614,000 acres in the Sierra … Learn More

An initiative aimed at increasing access to clean water across different communities. This project is representative of 4 different initiatives. The link above is to the donation website. Your donation of $125 will provide fresh clean towels and wash cloths … Learn More

This project aims to improve the water, sanitation and hygiene situation in combination with football at 100 schools in Ghana. Learn More

An initiative to spread awareness and raise money to help women and young girls managing their personal hygiene while finding like-minded support and assistance. This project is representative of 4 different initiatives. The link above is to the donation website. … Learn More

An initiative aimed at providing water, food, but also offers clothing, haircuts, showers, and a good time to our homeless brothers and sisters. Your donation of $15 will provide water, sodas, juices for 80 of our unhoused brothers and sisters … Learn More

The proposed project has two objectives: Enhancing the quality of education on water and sanitation at INE; Internationalisation of the MSc programmes offered by INE: (1) Hydrology, with specialisations: ecohydrology, hydrogeology, quantitative hydrology. (2) Water science and technology, with specialisations: … Learn More