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Organizations in Bangladesh

To empower underprivileged section of the society by taking stand and providing with financial and logistic support to bring quantities and qualitative changes in their livelihood development for in an Equal and just society implementing the SDG goals by the ... Learn More

The Aqaix ("A-kye-ix") mission is to bring more capital to water infrastructure of all types, globally, from small WASH projects to major "grey" projects and everything in between...habitat restoration, stormwater and searise resiliency, urban repiping, water balance investments, water reuse ... Learn More

Badhon (BMUS)’s mission is to work in a participatory and sustainable way with disadvantaged, children, adolescents, women and minority people to alleviate poverty and improve access to Human Rights. Learn More

We work with the poor, particularly with women, childrne, and excluded communities, to bring a positive shift in their socio-economic condition. Our role is to develop and promote sustianable mdels of capacity stregthening and facilitating peoples access to water and ... Learn More

Be a leader in water stewardship for the fashion industry, working both with reducing the water footprint of our value chain and engaging to promote better water governance in strategic, high risk river basins to secure availability and quality of ... Learn More

HYDROC is an association of independent consultants, -scientists and -engineers, providing water-related services through a network of national and international experts. Our concept uses the synergies of our combined expertise for the successful implementation of a variety of projects. Our ... Learn More

Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society (PHRAS) was established With a view to provide basic Rights/facilities/welfare and amenities to the people, including Drug Addicts, and in field of basic Health, basic Education, Elimination of Child Labor, Sanitation, Water Supply, Women Development, ... Learn More

The Water Resilience Coalition, founded in 2020, is an industry-driven, CEO-led coalition of the UN Global Compact's CEO Water Mandate that aims to elevate global water stress to the top of the corporate agenda and preserve the world's freshwater resources ... Learn More

WaterAid is an international NGO focused exclusively on ensuring equitable access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education for the world’s poorest communities. Formed in 1981, we have been working in water, sanitation and hygiene for over 30 years. To ... Learn More

We’re a global community that believes everyone deserves access to quality education. We’re reshaping the landscape of education Our focus is on the future generations of engineers and scientists. Our initiative has always been to establish an original and unparalleled ... Learn More

Projects in Bangladesh


Inditex is now consider as one of the Detox leaders companies by Greenpeace because of it serious breaking with toxic water cycle, being among the first to publish data on discharge of hazardous chemicals from its suppliers on the Institute ... Learn More

The WASH SDG consortium aims to reach an improved WASH situation universally, which includes most of the left behind people from the hard to reach households; the poorest and the furthest left behind and those living in remote areas, inclusive ... Learn More

PaCT is a partnership between textile wet processing factories in Bangladesh, international apparel buyers (C&A;, H&M;, Inditex, G-Star, KappAhl, Lindex, Primark, and Tesco), wet processing technology suppliers, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Dhaka), the International Finance Corporation ... Learn More

This project aims to improve access to sustainable water and sanitation services in Tala Upazila of Satkhira district, recognised as a disaster prone zone due to its Geo location. Learn More

Learn More

Training programme for consumer association will educate workers about their rights and implementation of law & order in garments industry in Bangladesh. Also, we are working to establish the proper labor rights and stop the violation of human rights, especially ... Learn More

In the Bangladesh WASH alliance (BWA) programme and via this project WAB is leading the policy advocacy at the national level to: - Strengthen coordination and capacity to work with other sector actors - Demonstrate accountability and transparency of WSS ... Learn More

This project aims to provide 15 hand washing facilities and 50 sanitation facilities for 2044 children in 3 high schools and 2 primary schools. An awareness, skills development, and training program will be provided. Learn More

This project aims to Increase access to safe water and sanitation facilities, become more responsive to the demands of the community people for having access to safe water and sanitation facilities and by 2013 create a level of co-operation from ... Learn More

In 2017, Inditex continued to integrate sustainability criteria for the use of water in all of its business areas, thanks to the implementation of its Global Water Management Strategy. The rational use of water and our commitment to “zero discharge” ... Learn More

WaterAid Bangladesh is aiming to reach close to 10 million people with their hygiene promotion activities. They are promoting handwashing using a social media campaign, awareness videos and placing banners in schools and hospitals. The team is working with local ... Learn More

This project aims to improve the health of women and children in the Barisal Division. The project area is among the poorest in Bangladesh, access to health facilities and sanitation is very low. Learn More

The project is located in Fakirhat Upazila of Bagerhat District and Barguna Sadr Upazila of Barguna District. The project is about addressing downward accountability and to reduce the 'disconnect' between macro level (policy at National level) and micro level (implementation ... Learn More

BASA will help provide safe drinking water for 700 people in a slum in Gazipur, Bangladesh. Water will be collected by a deep tube well, stored in an overhead reservoir, and piped to 15 distribution points. Learn More

Generate Some innovative idea to make strong awareness among with people where they can understand causes of water pollution and shortage of water. Whether people make them aware to Understanding of the issues. Under Save water Save the World we ... Learn More

It is estimated that one in five people are employed in global supply chains. Corporations have the potential to play an influential role in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6, “ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for ... Learn More

Bangladesh is a South Asian small country having a huge population. Sundarbans coastal region of Bangladesh is really disaster vulnerable due to its geographic location. Our proposed project site is the Sundarbans coastal region of Bangladesh that is Banishanta union ... Learn More

The goal of this project is to increase access to safe water for drinking and using in all the household activities of the people in Bauphal, one of the prominent coastal belt upazilas situated in the district of Patuakhali. Learn More

Reduced poverty and improved health, environmental and economic conditions by empowering people and creating an enabling environment, thus achieving increased sustainable access to and use of safe water and sanitation services and improved hygiene practices for women and marginalized groups. Learn More

Considering the unhealthy and unhygienic environment in rural schools and communities in the southern part of Bangladesh, PSTC will initiate WaSH for schools and communities. lt ensures drinking water and sanitation both in school and community by installing hardware in ... Learn More

WaterAid is an international NGO focused exclusively on ensuring equitable access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH) for the world’s poorest communities. Formed in 1981 we have been working in water, sanitation and hygiene for over 30 years. ... Learn More

Together with DWASA's LIC department two areas have been selected to receive improved water services through the first Water for Life project under WOP2. An estimated 13,764 people will have access to improved water services. Activities include: baseline survey, choice ... Learn More

This partnership is to enhance the operational performance and the management of capacities of Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) and to supports DWASA in providing water, sanitation and hygiene promotion services (WASH) to the urban poor. Learn More

Watershed will take up the challenge by putting lobby and advocacy as one of the key pillars to achieve the target of universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) by 2030. Learn More

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