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BEF and has worked over the last decade to scope, develop, support, and design dozens of environmental water programs and projects across the Western U.S.

The organization has been instrumental in building an NGO-led environmental water stewardship movement around Western Water issues and volumetric flow solutions, and in March 2016, BEF merged with another NGO "Protect the Flows" working on Colorado River Basin policy (in collaboration with Ceres Connect the Drops campaign).

BEF collaborated in the creation of the nation’s only program (Change the Course) that provides corporations the opportunity to balance their water footprint by supporting projects that restore environmental flows, and has created criteria and program strategies to guide corporate, agency, and NGO work to restore, monitor, and track environmental and volumetric water benefits.

In addition to working in the environmental water stewardship space, BEF has deep experience serving corporations to a) develop and support net zero implementation strategies and b) implement programs and projects to achieve corporate water footprint objectives. BEF has supported dozens of companies, universities, and professional sports teams to develop, support, and monitor programs and projects that achieve Net Zero environmental water outcomes in the American West.

In addition, BEF currently participates in extensive relationships with funders, agencies, and NGOs designing and implementing environmental water stewardship projects across the Western U.S. BEF has reviewed, supported, and tracked dozens of projects with a broad portfolio of NGOs and BEF has extensive knowledge of current project development opportunities across the U.S.

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Bonneville Environmental Foundation

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