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Encourage and promote the efficient use of water in the homes of all workers of Mexichem corporation. Develop a workshop with experts, promoting culture and good use of water. Give each collaborator the "Ecobaño" device and teach its correct installation. ... Learn More

Gold Fields’ South Deep mine spent a total of US $3.6 million on water management and projects during 2016. Water projects include ARD management. South Deep implements a range of measures to prevent or contain Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) and ... Learn More

California's Central Coast is facing interreated water quality and supply issues: groundwater overdraft, saltwater intrusion, and nutrient-laden runoff that impairs waterways and groundwater. This vibrant farming region is at risk, but farmers are part of the solution. This project is ... Learn More

Ahorro económico con relación al consumo energético del sistema de aproximadamente $215.000.000/año. Mayor eciencia y confort en las áreas. Retorno de la inversión en 8 años, pero se puede reducir a 5 con nuevos proyectos de utomatización en el AA. ... Learn More

The National Forest Foundation is working with the U.S. Forest Service and partners like Coca-Cola to restore the Tahoe National Forest Headwaters to optimum health by thinning vegetation, restoring meadows and river channels, eradicating invasive species, improving water flows, increasing ... Learn More

World Aqua specializes in several major fields of services: Supply of drinking water and utility water to disaster areas as an emergency response Production of still and carbonated water for commercial and residential consumption Production of mineral water and soft ... Learn More

The Aguaytía Thermoelectric Power Plant of Orazul Energy company has two gas turbines (model GT11NMC XL/LP) of 88,441 MW and 86,964 MW. After updating and improving the compressors of the turbo-gas, the power generation increased its capacity in 9 MW ... Learn More

Improving the practices to reduce water use and letting our employees know of the efforts being performed is important to reduce water risk.Project ResultsReduce water use Learn More

The company specializes in innovative water treatment solutions with the use of renewable energy. Learn More

1. Provide healthy and clean water to residents in the area and continuously without an interruption and are covering all the needs of the population in all facilities. 2. The develop the facilities and assets of the department to keep ... Learn More