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Application of IoT on Hydro-Geophysics in conjunction with Water Divining in Study/Exploration of Water Resources, their Exploitation & Management.
It is the combination of Remote Sensing, Big Data Resources Processing, Instrumentation, Real-time Data Collection from a larger or regional network using IoT technologies.
Using state-of-the-art technologies make it possible to have approach to all corners of the world and inferring useful results for the betterment of general public and concerned Government & Non-Government Organizations.

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Overview: Water Resources Exploration, Exploitation & Study using Hydro-Geophysical methodologies, IoT Applications on it with Water Divining Tools.


Action Areas:
  • Access to Water Supply and Water Services
  • Compliance with Local Regulations and Widely-Accepted Standards
  • Water Demand and Competition among Users

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Geo-Tech Consultancy Services

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Professional services / consulting