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Upland River Conservation

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Upland River Conservation

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Area: 5888268 km2
Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
HydroBasin Level:
Baseline Water Stress:
Water Quality Stress:
Sanitation Access Stress:
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Countries: --
Basins: Indian Ocean (160) (Berg/Breede)
Organization SDGs:
Includes Sustainable Development Goals from the organization and its locations.
Sustainable Agriculture (SDG 2.4)
Water Quality (SDG 6.3)
Protect and Restore Ecosystems (SDG 6.6)
Organization Tags:
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Stormwater Management and Flood Control
Drought Management
Conservation Agriculture/Agronomy
Dairy and Livestock
Pesticide and Fertilizer Management
Soil Erosion and Health
Nature-Based Solutions
Services Offered: Other
Project management
Technical assistance
Org. Type: NGO / Civil Society
Org. Size: Very Small (1-9 Employees)
Language: English
Org. Website: www.uplandrivers.com
Org. Source: User
Profile Completion: 96%
Coalition: No

Organization Overview

The conservation and restoration of river catchments in the highlands of the drakensberg mountain range in South Africa, outside of formal conservation parks, with a view to increasing water quality and quantity for downstream users.

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Partner Projects

The Impendle vlei lies near the village of kwaNovuka at the very headwaters of the Poort Stream, a significant tributary of the uMngeni River. This area falls within our Super Catchment Project area, and is also a habitat and potential … Learn More

Once initial clearing of wattle trees has been done, restoration of the natural grassland is required to prevent erosion, and to generate a grazing value for the recovered land. In areas that are very steep, or where significant erosion measures … Learn More

This is our flagship project. The idea is to focus on a well defined catchment, that being the upper uMngeni above the Dargle falls, and lend significant support to landowners in that approx 16,000 ha zone. Support includes: Alien invasive … Learn More

The Bushmans River (known locally as the Umtshezi), flows down from the Giants Castle resort in the Moloti Drakensberg Park, into a community that needs our help. There is a catchment that is degraded due to an absence of solid … Learn More

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