UC California Institute for Water Resources

Organization Overview

The mission of the California Institute for Water Resources is to integrate California's research, extension, and education programs to develop research-based solutions to water resource challenges. We do this by facilitating collaborative research and outreach on water issues across California's academic institutions and with international, federal, state, regional, nonprofit, and campus communities.


Connecting water resource knowledge and expertise from California's academic institutions with a broad range of communities

Developing relevant and timely research-based information on water issues to inform decision-making

Effectively communicating research outcomes using targeted, innovative approaches

Coordinating and leveraging resources across California's academic institutions to develop research-based solutions

Global Action Areas of Interest

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Overview: Providing education and outreach to users in the Colorado River Basin and users of Colorado River resources.


Action Areas:
  • Compliance with Local Regulations and Widely-Accepted Standards
  • Local Water Resource Governance
  • Water Demand and Competition among Users

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