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Lady Laywer Foundation (LLF) is a non-governmental organization having been established with the aim
-to put human rights standards at the heart of global governance and policy-making and to ensure that the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable are addressed on the global stage;
-to provide a trusted, impartial space for dialogue and independent analysis to deepen understanding of human rights challenges;
-to address problems where the law may be unclear, where accountability and responsibility may not be well-defined, and where legitimate dispute settlement mechanism may be non-existent or poorly administered;
-to raise corporate standards and strengthen public policy to ensure that the activities of companies do not contribute to human rights abuses, and in fact lead to positive.
LLF has joined United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), pledging to participate in and engage with UNGC in the following way(s):
1. engaging with Global Compact Local Networks;
2. joining and/or proposing Partnership Projects on Corporate Sustainability;
3. engaging companies in Global Compact-related issues;
4. joining and/or supporting special initiatives and workstreams;
5. providing commentary to companies on Communications on Progress;
6. participating in Global Compact global and local events, according to engagement options.
-in 2015 has signed The Paris Pledge for Action and become Organizational Partner of Athena Film Festival;
-in 2016 has signed UNGC Anti-Corruption Call to Action, involved with UNGC Campaign Ask Stock Exchanges to Issue Voluntary Reporting Guidance, participated in OECD Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development (PCSD) initiative, supported core responsibilities of the Agenda for Humanity at Istanbul World Humanitarian Summit in partnership with Avvocato Michela Cocchi - Studio Legale announced commitments.
LLF focuses on Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) as areas that are central to corporate leadership today and essential for the transformation to sustainable markets, making reference to the so called F.A.M.E. sector (F – Fashion A – Art M – Music E – Entertainment), linking human rights, F.A.M.E. industries, Sustainable Development Goals.

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Lady Lawyer Foundation

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