Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Authority

Organization Overview

The Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) is an autonomous organization, taking over the Sindh irrigation and drainage system from the Sindh Irrigation and Power Department.

It was established in 1997, an innovative act to devolve power in the water sector.
The organization of SIDA

The SIDA is an organization playing an outstanding role in a major transition process in the irrigation and drainage sector of Sindh. At present, SIDA has its headquarter at Left Bank, Barrage Colony, Hyderabad , Sindh Pakistan .
Tasks and responsibilities SIDA has the following main tasks.

Supply water from the barrages to the canals. These canals will be operated by Area Water Boards.

Levy water charges from the Area Water Boards and other water users

Construct, operate and maintain irrigation, drainage and flood protection infrastructure.

SIDA is committed to promote sustainable development and improved quality of life in Sindh, through integrated water management & participatory irrigating system.

The mission is to provide for the establishment on long term, sustainable and participatory basis, of public system for the distribution and delivery of irrigation water, the removal of drainage water and management of flood waters, which are transparent, accountable, efficient and operating to standards agreed with and acceptable to users, its clients, communities and stakeholders. SIDA will ensure equitable distribution of irrigation water will improve water management in Sindh and will act as a prime agent of change management.

SIDA guiding values are a commitment towards particular behavior and attitudes to be demonstrated by management of staff at all levels and experienced by them, the clients and stakeholders.

Problem Solving Approach & Participatory Decision Making Clients and Stakeholders will be consulted and participate fully in the definition of their needs, expectations and in problem solving so as to empower them informed decision making.

Coordination and Cooperation:-
SIDA sees itself as part of a network of organizations in the irrigation sector. In order to achieve synergy within the group, it will co-ordinate for the implementation of its programs, maintain up-to-date operational relationships with its clients, stakeholders and effectively, respond to the sector development needs.

Openness and Accountability:-
SIDA aims to meet the highest standards of openness and accountability in accordance with best practices. SIDA will actively pursue in providing quality information and will improve and expand the means it uses to make information available so that it reaches a wider audience and is better targeted at those who need to know about its services.

Performance Oriented:-
SIDA will provide leadership for effective service delivery. Staff at all levels will demonstrate their commitment to the delivery of quality, reliable and responsive client service, as well as to ensure that previously agreed performance standards are met and improved.

Professionalism and Commitment to Excellence:-
SIDA will reflect a constant driver to maintain and improve individual, group and Organizational performance. It will display a proactive attitude towards addressing emergent issues within the organization and the environment.

Customer Orientation and Business Ethics:-
SIDA will be sensitive to the needs and expectation of the clients and stakeholders. It will align itself to be highest standards of behavior and practices in dealing with its clients.

Positive Staff Approach:-
SIDA consider its staff as its main assets. It will stimulate and value their contribution. It will motivate them to perform, offer incentives and rewards and will adopt a management style that fosters positive attitudes.

Gender Sensitivity:-
SIDA intends to be an organization where men and women work on equal terms and under conditions which facilitate women to participate in the organization.

Team Work:-
The Organization facilitates and stimulates employees regardless of their position to work together on common products and delivery of services.

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Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Authority

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