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5888268 km2
Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
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Collaborative Water Resolution LLC, provides its clients with decades of experience in the resolution of intractable water and environmental conflicts. Through mediation, facilitation, strategic issue analysis, and personnel evaluation and recruitment, Collaborative Water Resolution LLC provides its clients with the ... Learn More

Our prime mission is " Good Health of Everyone" objectives are 1. Adequate Nutrition to all 2. Full ANC/PNC and Child Care 3. Safe Drinking Water Facility to all 4.Health and Hygiene 5. Education to all Our main focus is ... Learn More

We have invested in building dams (rainwater catchments) in Tanzania and Malawi to help communities better adapt to climate change and provide water for longer periods during the dry season. Learn More

Water Resources Specialist Learn More

UTC's response strategy emphasizes site self-reliance and use of water management efficiency technology and best management practices. Since 2010 our Singapore sites have reduced their potable water use by 15 million gallons through initiatives including the use of Singapore's NEWater ... Learn More

Concha y Toro offers its providers technical support in vineyard management best practice, including water management. Additionally, we work with the Chilean Wine Sustainability Code and our long term suppliers; this code requires suppliers to implement water management plans, irrigation ... Learn More

1. Provide healthy and clean water to residents in the area and continuously without an interruption and are covering all the needs of the population in all facilities. 2. The develop the facilities and assets of the department to keep ... Learn More

Providing solutions to effectively manage water, the world’s most important resource. Learn More

En septiembre de 2017 se realizó el lanzamiento de la campaña No Rompas el Ciclo de la Sostenibilidad a nivel nacional en las tiendas propias de Juan Valdez Café, cuyos propósitos son: •Concientización y pedagogía Contribución a la concientización y ... Learn More

Act together for protection and promotion of human rights in order to change society in favour of every individual (men, women, youth, minority) through education, awareness, organization and building synergy among women and other groups and networks and their movements. Learn More