Centre for Advanced Research & Development, Bhopal, India

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The Centre for Advanced Research & Development (CARD) is a non-government agency established, in India, with its Head quarters in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh established in 1992. The CARD has been established to promote advanced research and to apply its findings for the protection and development of the society and its environment. It believes in Community-based Resource Management approach to reduce rural poverty. The Centre has developed expertise in training and capacity building of all stakeholders (government and non-government) involved in rural development, concurrent and impact evaluation of various rural development programmes, monitoring and micro planning. CARD specializes in conducting impact assessment and perception studies using both conventional and innovative research tools. The main objectives are to see the overall impact of all the programmes on villages in general and on the population below poverty line in particular, the role of the Panchayati Raj institution in programme implementation and the survival of assets created under different schemes. CARD, as a Capacity Building Organization has given a new dimension by introducing need based training modules.

As grassroots facilitation team we started with three experiments in late nineties and early 10’s. In Ujjain and Shajapur districts (feudal Malwa region) where there is high incidence of poverty among scheduled castes and backward classes, we are working on poverty initiatives through self help, agriculture and watershed projects. The CARD team facilitates the process of empowerment of common Interest Groups (CIGs/SHGs) of poor people (mostly women) in entrepreneurship development/livelihood promotion. In Jhabua we are active in a long-term drought mitigation experiment on watershed management basis. Jhabua is a tribal (Bhil) dominated district in the Western Madhya Pradesh region, which is continuously facing the onslaught of desertification. In neighbouring Dhar district we have initiated a child sponsorship programme for secured childhood. Our third experimental field is in Mandla and Dindori, Gond tribe predominant Mahakaushal region is rich in natural resources (forests) and traditional agriculture. CARD is actively involved in value addition to the local forest/ agriculture produce, through the self-help groups. Some of the Technology Management Packages (Honey, Natural Fiber, and Natural Vinegar) of CARD have drawn regional/ national recognition.

Cutting across all these themes CARD has emerged as the major player in watershed rehabilitation and agriculture development in the Central India. We are working on almost one lakh hectares in more than 200 villages in 10 districts of MP. CARD believes in participatory development involving the local community through the community institutions (Panchayats/ Watershed / Water User associations).

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Centre for Advanced Research & Development, Bhopal, India

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