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Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
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The River Slea is an 18 mile long tributary of the River Witham, Lincolnshire. The River Slea is groundwater fed from Lincolnshire limestone aquifer and the flow depends on the on groundwater levels. Historically the River Slea flowed all year ... Learn More

To create a new and exciting area of wetland (LBAP habitat) approximately 6 hectares in size, incorporating restoration of wet grassland, reedbed creation, extension of Hall pond, a ditch network, artificial sand martin bank and a number of scrapes which ... Learn More

Desalination plant construction project Learn More

Hitachi Chemical is a chemical manufacturer engaged in a wide range of areas, including semiconductor and display-related materials, printed wiring boards, copper clad laminates, photosensitive dry films, functional polymeric materials, adhesive films, carbon products, ceramics and automotive related products. Learn More

Ford is continuing to develop a risk management strategy which includes information from internal databases, including supplier site location, and externally available data regarding water scarcity, pollution control, among others. Our primary response to this risk is that we use ... Learn More

We have solid water reduction programme (opex and capex for water reusing and water reduction initiatives); we set long-term water reduction targets - for the time being these targets are till 2020 and will be extended. We built our Top ... Learn More

Engagement with suppliers to promote best practices and awareness; We work with all our ingredients’ suppliers on the adherence to Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles which include clear requirements on Environment and Farm Management Systems helping to mitigate water risks. We ... Learn More

Test test test test test Learn More

BIOAZUL es una PYME que proporciona soluciones técnicas y comerciales innovadoras en los campos del medioambiente, la ingeniería del agua, valiéndonos de conocimientos y técnicas adquiridas a través de una gran experiencia en diferentes sectores industriales. Somos una empresa de ... Learn More

StormSensor works with communities across the United States to track urban flooding and stormwater runoff, using that data to prioritize resiliency programs focused on efficient and clean water management Learn More