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Tradecore Steel

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Tradecore Steel

Quick Info

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Organization SDGs:
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Integrated Water Resource Management (SDG 6.5)
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Stormwater Management and Flood Control
Services Offered: No services needed/offered
Org. Type: Business
Org. Size: Very Large (1000+ Employees)
Industry Sector: Materials
Language: English
Org. Website: www.tradecore.co.za
Org. Source: User
Profile Completion: 62%
Coalition: No

Organization Overview

We form part of the Barnes Group of Companies.

We leverage our ability off owning our own steel manufacturing mill, whoch then supplies into our wholly owned primary manufacturing companies, who then produce standard and customer specific products which are extensively used in Water Projects, Tunnels, Water conveyancing, Ports, Harbours, Oil & Gas, Sugar / Timber & Tobacco Industries

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