California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC)

Project Overview

The California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC) is a platform for diverse stakeholders to come together and pursue collective action projects that will improve water security in California for people, business, agriculture and nature.

CWAC was originally conceived in May 2014 following a Water Action Hub meeting hosted by the CEO Water Mandate in Los Angeles. Several meeting attendees - including major food and beverage companies and leading environmental organizations - expressed a desire to better understand California's water challenges, identify geographies and issues of shared interest, and collaborate to make measurable positive impacts on water security in the state. CWAC began as a casual working group, and has now evolved into a formal coalition with joint stewardship projects, a steering committee, shared goals, and annual in-person meetings.

Today, CWAC comprises over twenty organizations deeply committed to California's shared water future. Our membership includes major non-profits, global companies, agricultural producers, responsible investors, and environmental foundations - all working together to transform ideas into actions that protect and enhance California's most precious resource.

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Beneficiaries / Outcomes

- American River Headwaters
- San Gabriel and Big Tujunga Watershed
- Farmland Groundwater Recharge
- Corporate Water Stewardship and the California Water Action Plan

Quick Info

Start and End Dates:
May 28, 2014 - Ongoing*

*Dates are approximate


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