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Thirst is an initiative of the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders, a unique, multi­stakeholder community of more than 700 exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the future.

Thirst aspires to be the world's leading water community, affecting change in society by making consumers aware of the value of water.

Our vision is a future where supply of water is greater than demand, where there is enough water for all, forever.

We began as a small group of change-makers and key opinion leaders, targeting one of the most influential consumer groups in the world: millennials (12-24 year olds) in the growing global middle class.

Our small, international team spans three continents, drawing on varied cultures and experiences to develop campaigns and education modules that have a global impact.

We harness the power of social media, in combination with on-campus communications and events to encourage young people to think about, use and consume water more sustainably, and spread this message to their friends and family.

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