SolRio Organization for Climate Change Mitigation, Inc.

Organization Overview

Our Mission

SolRio champions water security for the American Southwest in the face of drought and climate change. We are working on sustainable solutions to provide a new, large-scale source of drinking water that can sustain productive agriculture and vibrant growth. Working together we can achieve practical, sustainable solutions to drought and climate change.

Our Vision

Our vision embraces regional scale, solar-powered desalination to create a climate-proof watershed for continued ecological, social and economic vitality. We aim to produce new, clean, drinking water from seawater using the proven reverse osmosis (RO) process at a plant on the California coast. This new water will offset water now being pumped from the Colorado River to serve Los Angeles and San Diego metropolitan areas, leaving more water available to meet the needs of inland Colorado River water users. This approach provides an additional 1,300,000 acre-feet of water available to Upper and Lower Colorado Basin users.

Our Values

People. Water is a human right.

Agriculture. We value the farmers, families, and way of life in the American Southwest. We need a new, reliable large-scale water source in order to sustain and protect the productive agriculture and vibrant growth that drives us forward.

Environment. By creating new water, the SolRio Project reduces stress on our lakes and rivers, revitalizing precious ecosystems and protecting key species. We strive to minimize all environmental impacts of our desalination process.

Sustainability. We believe in a sustainable future – one that ensures access to water resources for future generations, while protecting the quality of our environment. By using electricity generated by solar power plants, we avoid expense and pollution of fossil fuel generation.

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Overview: America’s Southwest is running out of water. Reservoirs are drying up, and our population continues to grow. Our cities, our high-value agriculture, our environment and our future all depend on water resources we don’t have. One abundant resource the Southwest does have is sun. What if we could create a climate-proof watershed by using the Southwest’s plentiful sunshine to create new, fresh water? Using solar osmosis, we can. Solar osmosis is a process that combines renewable energy with reverse osmosis. Solar energy is used to power a desalination plant that filters the salt out of ocean water to produce new, fresh drinking water. The Water Issue For decades we staked our growth and future on having water from the Colorado River. We now face drought, climate change and shrinking supply. Lake Powell and Lake Mead, primary reservoirs on the Colorado River, are near record low levels. Reduced flows and lower allocations are imminent. With a growing population and shrinking water supplies, we have a crisis. We need a solution. Our prosperity, our food supply, our very way of life depend on finding that solution, and finding it soon. We need a solution that protects our environment, economy, and way of life. Weather records say our drought will get worse; climate models agree. Dams and pipelines do not produce one drop of water. Conventional water projects just move water toward money and push the drought off on farmers, fishes, forests and poor people. Water conservation is essentially putting a Band-Aid on the problem, rather than attacking the problem directly. It’s time to talk about real solutions to our water crisis, not just Band-Aids.


Action Areas:
  • Local Water Resource Governance
  • Physical water supply

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