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Anumerics is an innovative computational engineering company specialised in parallel computing and numerical modelling. We solve complex problems in engineering simulations and predictive analytics. Our offerings originate directly from the output of our own on-going R&D work in High Performance Computing and mechanical engineering.
Our mission is to advance the power of computational technology for the benefit of humanity. In focus on the water issues, we can provide solutions ranging from interactive data visualisation of water resources around the world to simulation of water-related phenomena or system designs. We use our own cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to help organisations better manage and predict water shortages to plan water supply for the future. Our High Performance Computing and engineering expertise serve to assist the creation of other useful applications / tools to figure out the solutions for various water issues facing the world.
Visit our website to see what we do. If you have any project that might potentially benefit from our work, please feel free to drop us an email at

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