Asociación del Riego Sostenible - The Sustainable Irrigation Association

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Within the overall goal of promoting sustainability in the use of scarce resources such as water, energy and soil, the Sustainable Irrigation Association has the following specific purposes:

- To disseminate science, technology and irrigation techniques and terminology.
- To promote the permanence and profitability of agricultural production through irrigation, avoiding the alteration of the water cycle balance and soil degradation, while respecting the environment and its ecosystems.
- To promote a responsible quality of life in the population, fostering the efficient use of water in recreational and landscape irrigation uses.
- To promote energy conservation as it may be affected by the project, implementation, operation and efficient maintenance of irrigation systems.
- To facilitate communication and exchange of ideas and experiences between professionals and stakeholders involved in sustainable irrigation.
- Encourage discussions and draw conclusions about water management actuations so to mitigate drought, climate change, and desertification damages to the economy, to the environment, and to society in general.
- To help improving the coordination, the effectiveness and the shared use of resources between the different research, innovation, development and training institutions for an early achievement of the sustainability goal.
- To make a contribution towards a responsible and ethical behavior of irrigation professionals.

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