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BARKA works to co-create a culture of peace through grassroots, community-led sustainable development and MDG achievement in Burkina Faso. To achieve these goals, BARKA develops poverty reduction strategies, particularly through the use of low tech, sustainable solutions such as WASH, ceramic water filters, and the creation of community health clubs which focus on hygiene education and women's empowerment.
BARKA’s work in Burkina Faso, West Africa is guided by a passionate commitment to the respect of indigenous culture and identity. BARKA is a tireless advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples and the importance of culture and cultural arts within the context of development.
The BARKA Foundation works to promote inter-cultural dialogue and reciprocity between communities in North America and villages in Burkina. In particular BARKA works with youth and schools in the United States through "Walks for Water" and raising consciousness about the primary need for clean water and improved sanitation in developing nations such as Burkina Faso.
The word 'barka' is a West African word for gratitude, blessing and reciprocity.

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The BARKA Foundation

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