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Align with and strengthen public policy goals (DRAFT)


Align with and strengthen public policy goals (DRAFT)

Align with and strengthen public policy goals (DRAFT)

Posted on March 22, 2019 by Karina de Souza

Authoring Organizations: CEO Water Mandate
Pacific Institute
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Universal: Yes
Applicable Phases: Assess, Commit
Last Updated Aug 11, 2019


Ensure alignment with water-related public policy and government mandates at the project preparation stage so that partnership is more likely and outcomes are anchored in local and regional government plans.


Government participation is often key to project sustainability. Municipal officials who may be well positioned to collaborate on a project may prefer project objectives and activities to align with their work mandate so that their participation can be more easily sanctioned. Where possible, proposed activities and outcomes of partnership projects should be assessed against pre-existing or future government plans and budgets during project preparation. The project outcomes should aim to be aligned with the local or regional government plans to gain approval and partnership, especially if projects wish to be eligible for support such as finance or technical assistance. This way the project is anchored within government plans and policies from the start and hopefully more sustainable as often the local government plan will continue even if the political leadership changes. 


Consider capacity building for government institutions: Government may have limited resources to commit to the project at the start of the partnership or they may be initially focused only on their implementation objectives rather than supporting a longer-term partnership with collective needs and objectives.  However their involvement can often be key to the sustainability of the project outputs and outcomes longer-term. Capacity-building for government institutions should be factored into project preparation and acted upon in cases of real commitment and interest from potential government partners.


The International Water Stewardship Progam (IWaSP) in Kenya worked to anchor water stewardship principles in local and regional government policies through capacity-building and knowledge sharing. These principles were embedded in the Water Resource Management strategy in Kewasnet, which in turn influenced the water-related activities in the County Integrated Development Plans, thus ensuring the project success through embedding stewardship principles into County Government strategies.  This is expected to contribute to the sustainability and collective value of future water-related projects.

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