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Eyre Lake

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Eyre Lake

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Area: 5888268 km2
Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
HydroBasin Level:
Baseline Water Stress:
Water Quality Stress:
Sanitation Access Stress:
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Total Organizations: 5
Total Projects: 6
Priority SDGs: --
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Profile Completion: 50%

Water Challenges

As reported by organizations on the Hub.

Access to Water Supply and Water Services
Compliance with Local Regulations and Widely-Accepted Standards
Land Use Issues
Local Water Resource Governance
Physical water supply
Upstream Water Issues
Water Demand and Competition among Users

Region Overview


Organizations in Eyre Lake

Desolenator is a transformative approach to water provisioning: Our world-first solar thermal desalination solution harnesses 4x more solar energy, to turn seawater or brackish water into high quality, pure water with zero harm to the planet. Protecting critical business assets … Learn More

· Climate change impact risk assessments, strategy, adaptation and proofing · Resilient cities / business · Water resources yield and supply assurance · Hydrology, specialising in Forest Hydrology (Professionally registered) · Flood modelling · Conceptual water supply planning · GIS … Learn More

We develop agroforestry projects within the supply chains of companies (Insetting) and value water benefits, among others. We develop as well a Trees4Water valuation tool that we would like to share with your platform. WE REGENERATE ECOSYSTEMS TO IMPROVE LIVELIHOODS … Learn More

WASH is critical to leading healthy lives. Yet billions of people every day still do not have access to safe and clean water for drinking or washing, toilets and basic hygiene requirements to ensure that they stay healthy and well. … Learn More

Providing a new and innovative technology for in solution metals extraction as a replacement option to reverse osmosis, ion exchange, solvent extraction and chemical treatment of waters used in industry. Learn More

Projects in Eyre Lake

This reforestation project is conducted in collaboration with the NGO Greening Australia and local farmers in 4 biodiversity hotspots in Australia, internationally renowned for their flora and fauna diversity and richness. The project aims at preserving biodiversity and strengthening vegetal … Learn More

At Coal South Africa, long-term integrated water management plans are being developed for sites to mitigate non-compliance risks and post-closure water management liabilities. These will be based on the development of robust conceptual hydrogeological models, which will provide high confidence … Learn More

Klabin's Forestry Incentives program: with benefits such as research and planting techniques which are disseminated among the farmers, this activity helps to promote recuperation of the vegetation, environmental preservation, and the conscientious consumption of natural resources. Learn More

Our company Maithri Aquatech has developed MEGHDOOT (which in Sanskrit means Messenger of the Clouds), an Atmospheric Water Generator which produces the purest form of potable water from the humidity present in the AIR! The water is also microbe-free and … Learn More

Electrolux tracks and follows water consumption on a monthly basis, and has implemented a water best practice toolbox. Electrolux has carried out a water risk study based WWFs water risk filter, to identify sites where water shortages pose risks to … Learn More

Summary of action BP saw water as a large source of risk for its operations in Western Australia, so it was essential for BP to lower the water use at the refinery. To this end, the refinery started a Water … Learn More

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