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Area: 5888268 km2
Brazil; Peru; Suriname; France; Colombia; Guyana; Bolivia; Venezuela; Ecuador
Santa Cruz; Manaus; La Paz
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3.33 out of 5
WWF Country Risk Score
12 out of 248 Countries
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Total Organizations: 182
Total Projects: 164
Priority SDGs: Sustainable Agriculture (SDG 2.4)
Increase Access to Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (SDG 6.1 & 6.2)
Water Quality (SDG 6.3)
Water Use Efficiency (SDG 6.4)
Integrated Water Resource Management (SDG 6.5)
Protect and Restore Ecosystems (SDG 6.6)
Stakeholder Participation (SDG 6.b)
Sustainable Production (SDG 12.4)
Climate Resilience and Adaptation (SDG 13.1)
Priority Regions: --
Priority Industries: Apparel
Biotech, health care & pharma
Food, beverage & agriculture
Power generation
Organization Types:
NGO / Civil Society
Utility / Water Service Provider
International Organization
Bilateral and / or Intergovernmental Agency
Individual / Sole Proprietor
Multi-stakeholder Organization
Profile Completion: 73%

Water-Related Challenge Costs

Total annual estimated cost to address all water-related challenges: $109,183,881,417.00

Share of total annual estimated cost to address each individual challenge (2015 $USD):

  • Access to Drinking Water: $9,644,126,005.00 - [9%]
  • Access to Sanitation: $27,526,581,055.00 - [25%]
  • Industrial Pollution: $669,639,993.00 - [1%]
  • Agricultural Pollution: $4,381,366,282.00 - [4%]
  • Water Scarcity: $48,764,854,513.00 - [45%]
  • Water Management: $18,197,313,570.00 - [17%]

For more about this data, see information on WRI’s Achieving Abundance dataset here.

Water Challenges

As reported by organizations on the Hub.

Access to Water Supply and Water Services
Local Water Resource Governance
Water Demand and Competition among Users
Physical water supply
Socioeconomic and Reputation
Compliance with Local Regulations and Widely-Accepted Standards
Upstream Water Issues
Land Use Issues
Water Pricing

Country Overview

1.1.1.WATER RESOURCES India has an annual average precipitation of 1,170mm and about 80 per cent of the total area of the country experiences annual rainfall of 750mm or more. Due to the large spatial and temporal variability in the rainfall, water resources distribution in the country is highly varied in space and time. The two main sources of water in India are rainfall and the snowmelt of glaciers in the Himalayas. Although snow and glaciers are poor producers of freshwater, they are good distributors as they yield at the time of need, in the hot season. Indeed, about 80 per cent of the flow of rivers in India occurs during the four to five months of the southwest monsoon season. Several important river systems originate in upstream countries and then flow to other countries: the Indus River originates in China and flows to Pakistan; the Ganges-Brahmaputra river system originates partly in China, Nepal and Bhutan, and flows to Bangladesh; some minor rivers drain into Myanmar and Bangladesh. However, there are no official records available regarding the quantum of annual flows into the country or out of the country. The rivers of India can be classified into the following four groups: -The Himalayan rivers (Ganges, Brahmaputra, Indus) are formed by melting snow and glaciers as well as rainfall and therefore have a continuous flow throughout the year. As these regions receive very heavy rainfall during the monsoon period, the rivers swell and cause frequent floods. -The rivers of the Deccan plateau (with larger rivers such as the Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Pennar and Cauvery draining into the bay of Bengal in the east, and the Narmadi and Tapi draining into the Arabian sea in the west), making up most of the southern-central part of the country, are rain-fed and fluctuate in volume, many of them being non-perennial. -The coastal rivers, especially on the west coast south of the Tapi, are short in length with limited catchment areas, most of them being non-perennial. -The rivers of the inland drainage basin in western Rajasthan in the northwestern part of the country towards the border with Pakistan are ephemeral, drain towards the salt lakes such as the Sambhar, or are lost in the sands. For planning purposes, the country is divided into 20 river units, 14 of which are major river basins, while the remaining 99 river basins have been grouped into 6 river units. The spatial imbalance of distribution of water resources can be appreciated by the fact that the Ganges-BrahmaputraMeghna basin covering 34 per cent of the country’s area contributes about 62 per cent of the water resources. The west-flowing rivers towards the Indus covering 10 per cent of the area contribute 4 per cent of the water resources. The remaining 56 per cent of the area contributes 34 per cent to the runoff. The water resources potential of the country is assessed as the natural runoff of the rivers and is estimated at 1,869.35km3, of which only 1,122km3 are considered as utilizable or exploitable in view of the constraints of topography, uneven distribution of the resource over space and time, the geological factors and the contemporary technological knowledge. These 1,122km3 comprise 690km3 from surface water and 432km3 from groundwater. The internal renewable water resources (IRWR) have been estimated at 1,238.13km3/year by deducting the inflow from neighbouring countries (210.2km3/year from Nepal, 347.02km3/year from China and 74km3/year from Bhutan) from the total estimated flow of 1,869.35km3/year. The overlap between surface water and groundwater is assumed to be 90 per cent. Under the Indus Water Treaty (1960) between India and Pakistan, all the waters of the eastern tributaries of the Indus River originating in India, i.e. the Sutlej, Beas and Ravi rivers taken together, shall be available for the unrestricted use of India. All the waters, while flowing in Pakistan, of any tributary which in its natural course joins the main Sutlej or the main Ravi after these rivers have crossed into Pakistan shall be available for the unrestricted use of Pakistan. This flow reserved by treaty is estimated at 11.1km3/year, which gives a total of 1,858.25km3/year (=1,869.35 – 11.1) total actual renewable water resources. An important part of the surface water resources leaves the country before it reaches the sea: 20km3/year to Myanmar, 181.37km3/year to Pakistan and 1,105.6km3/year to Bangladesh, of which 598.9km3 flows through the Brahmaputra, 343.93km3 through the Ganges and 162.77km3 through the northeastern rivers. In 2004, wastewater production was estimated at 10.585km3 and treated wastewater was about 2.555km3. No reliable statistics are available on the number of desalination plants, their capacities, technologies adopted and status in India. However, estimates indicate that there are more than 1,000 membrane-based desalination plants of various capacities ranging from 20m3/day to 10,000m3/day. There are a few thermal-based desalination plants also. In 1996, some 550,000m3 of seawater were desalinated in the Lakshadweep Islands, mainly through electro dialysis and Reverse Osmosis (RO). Solar stills are also installed on the peninsula, as in Gujarat in the northwest. A 6,300m3/day desalination plant is being set up at Kalpakkam, Chennai with a capacity of 4,500m3 from the Multi Stage Flash (MSF) method, using low pressure steam from Madras Atomic Power Station, and 1,800 m3/day from RO. While the plant with the RO method is under operation, the MSF-based plant is expected to be commissioned soon. There are as many as 4,526 large dams and a large number of smaller dams and diversion structures in India. The total water storage capacity constructed up to 2002 was 212.78km3. Another 76.26km3 are estimated to be possible through dams under construction and 107.54km3 Country Overview - India through dams under consideration. Seven dams have a reservoir capacity exceeding 8km3. They are the Nagarjuna Sagar dam on the Krishna River (11.56km3), the Rihand dam on the Rihand River (10.6km3), the Bhakra dam on the Sutlej River (9.62km3), the Srisailam dam on the Krishna River (8.72km3), the Hirakud dam on the Mahanadi River (8.1km3), the Pong (Beas) dam on the Beas River (8.57km3) and the Ukai dam on the Tapti River (8.5km3). India controls the flow of the Ganges River through a dam completed in 1974 at Farraka, 18km from the border with Bangladesh. The Farakka Barrage is a diversion structure of small height not classified as a large dam. India is endowed with rich hydropower potential, ranking fifth in the world. The gross hydropower potential was estimated at 148,700MW as installed capacity, or 84,000MW at 60 per cent power load factor. The Brahamaputra, Ganges and Indus basins contribute about 80 per cent of it. In addition to this, small, mini and micro hydropower schemes (with capacity less than 3MW) have been assessed to have almost 6,782MW of installed capacity. 1.1.2.WATER USE It is estimated that in 2010 total water withdrawal was 761km3 of which 91 per cent, or 688km3, was for irrigation purposes. About 56km3 were for municipal use and 17km3 for industrial purposes. In 2010, primary surface water withdrawal accounted for 396km3, primary groundwater withdrawal accounted for 251km3, and reused agricultural drainage water accounted for 113km3. In 1996, some 550,000m3 of seawater were desalinated. In 1990, the total water withdrawal was estimated at 500km3, of which 92 per cent was for irrigation purposes. The primary surface water withdrawal was 362km3, while the amount coming from primary groundwater was estimated at 190km3.

1.2.WATER QUALITY, ECOSYSTEMS AND HUMAN HEALTH Major environmental problems are deforestation; soil erosion; overgrazing; desertification; air pollution from industrial effluents and vehicle emissions; water pollution from raw sewage and runoff of agricultural pesticides; tap water is not potable throughout the country; and the huge and growing population is overstraining natural resources. Water quality is a major issue in India. Although in their upper reaches most rivers are of good quality, the importance of water use for cities, agriculture and industries, and the lack of wastewater treatment plants in the middle and lower reaches of most rivers, cause a major degradation of surface water quality. Groundwater is also affected by municipal, industrial and agricultural pollutants. The overexploitation of groundwater can also lead to seawater intrusion. For example, there is an inland advance of the saline-freshwater interface in the Chingelput district of Tamil Nadu, where a well field along the Korttalaiyar River supplies water to the city of Madras. In 1992, the Central Pollution Control Board completed water quality studies in all major river basins. The pollution control action plan of the Ganges River basin was formulated in 1984 and has been enforced by the Ganges Project Directorate, under the Central Ganges Authority, to oversee pollution control and the consequent cleaning of the Ganges River. The water quality in the middle stretch of the Ganges River, which had deteriorated to class C and D (the worst class is E, the best A), was restored to class B in 1990 after the implementation of the action plan. Similar programmes for other rivers have been developed as well as a national river action plan to clean the heavily polluted stretches of the major rivers of the country. According to the National Commission on Floods, the area subject to flooding is estimated at about 400,000km2 (about 12 per cent of the area of the country). About 80 per cent of this area, or 320,000km2, could be provided with reasonable protection. Bihar is the worst flood-hit state. Hardly a year passes without severe flood damage. With the onset of the monsoon, rivers come down from the Himalayan hills in Nepal with enormous force, leading to rivers like the Ghagra, Kamla, Kosi, Bagmati, Gandak, Ganges, Falgu, Karmnasa and Mahanadi rising above the danger level. This results in severe floods in north Bihar. The Kosi River, popularly known as “the sorrow of Bihar”, has not yet matured enough to settle on a course, and has changed its course 15-16 times, the last time being as recent as August 2008. About 2.8 million people were said to have been marooned by these floods in Bihar. The total area subject to waterlogging was estimated at 85,000km2 in 1985, including both rain-fed and irrigated areas. This is thought to be a substantial underestimate as precise data are lacking. It is estimated that about 24 per cent of irrigated command areas of major and medium irrigation projects is subject to waterlogging. Measures to counter waterlogging and salinity are being taken by constructing field channels and drains, and by encouraging the combined use of surface water and groundwater. Furthermore, it is estimated that out of the total irrigated area about 33,000km2 are affected by salinity. Water-borne diseases have continued increasing over the years in spite of government efforts to combat them. States such as Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh are endemic for malaria on account of the high water table, waterlogging and seepage in the canal catchment area. There are also numerous cases of filariasis. In 1998 the population affected by water-related diseases was 44 million people. Climate change may alter the distribution and quality of India’s water resources. Some of the impacts include more intense rains, changed spatial and temporal distribution of rainfall, higher runoff generation, low groundwater recharge, melting of glaciers, changes in evaporative demands and water use patterns in agricultural, domestic and industrial sectors, etc. These impacts have serious influences on agricultural production and food security, ecology, biodiversity, river flows, floods, droughts, water security, human and animal health, and sea levels.

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Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt Ltd are one of the fastest and gradually growing water, wastewater and solid waste management company in India. We have vast experience in providing wide range of best and smart solutions for water and wastewater treatment … Learn More

Our purpose is to provide Better Care for a Better World. People around the globe benefit from our products in their day-to-day lives, but we know that millions still lack access to basic products that could dramatically improve their quality … Learn More

For as long as nearly 70 years since its founding in 1949, Kurita Water Industries has been consistently operating in two areas of "water and the environment." To cater to diverse customer needs, the Kurita Group provides comprehensive solutions by … Learn More

As we share our water with the entire planet, we feel that it is a precious resource. We monitor how we use water at our factories and are constantly working on ways to reduce our consumption of fresh water resources. … Learn More

Smarter Technology For All. We develop world-changing technology solutions to create a more inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital society. Learn More

LNRMI is an independent institution registered under section 58(1) of the Partnership Act. 1932 in October 2008. The core objective of the institute is to help create and implement policies that foster sustainable and enhanced livelihoods. LNRMI aims to conduct … Learn More

LGNet is a non-profit social initiative formed to assist cities handling new challenges by turning them into possibilities with sustainable ideas and address the changing needs of urbanization through a sustainable network within Local Government, Corporate, Academics, Civil Society, Individuals … Learn More

MITTRA is an associate organization of BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune. It has reached in 24 districts of Maharashtra. Core areas are water-related watershed and water resources management in rural areas, tree-based farming, livestock development, women empowerment, and livelihood programs. Learn More

Maithri Aquatech's mission is to produce potable water sustainably from thin air and serve a fundamental right to global societies. Learn More

Marico Limited is an Indian consumer goods company providing consumer products and services in the areas of Health and Beauty based in Mumbai. Learn More

Mars has been proudly family owned for over 100 years. It’s this independence that gives us the gift of freedom to think in generations, not quarters, so we can invest in the long-term future of our business, our people and … Learn More

Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Learn More

Address environmental and social issues concerning the community through formulation and implementation of development programs. Contribute to economic and social development. To pool together resources and converge efforts to improve environment. To revive participatory approach in agricultural, livestock and other … Learn More

Every Drop: As in all other areas of our business, we work to get the basics right. In all our operations and across our supply chain, we strive to conserve and protect water. Without it, we have no business. Barley … Learn More

NAQWA is a Russian company that develops and makes nano drinking water recoverers. Our product NAQWA SPRING Drinking Water Recoverer (NAQWA SWR, www.naqwa.com ) created and manufactured in Russia is intended to provide sustainable drinking water solutions first of all … Learn More

NVH's mission is to provide low cost, low energy solutions for sanitation and ground water pollution. NVH partners with the Indian Ministry of Defence Research Laboratory to commercialise for global use an effective biological process creating potable water as only … Learn More

Sunass regulates water and sewage companies, oversees quality of service standards, settles customer complaints and sets regulated prices. Learn More

Ncourage is a not-for-profit company with the objective of acting as a social enterprise to undertake activities that enhance the quality of life of people and to seek ways and means to serve the society that help in solving basic … Learn More

• Nestlé’s ambition is to enhance people’s lives through nutrition, health and wellness. We offer healthier and tastier food and beverage choices at all stages of life and at all times of the day. Based on science and Research and … Learn More

A pioneer and the world-leading provider of Drip Irrigation solutions, Netafim is the largest player in the global irrigation industry. With 14 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries, 27 subsidiaries, and a strong global distribution network across 110-plus countries, Netafim combines … Learn More

Netsol Water is India's Most Trusted and Leading Waste and Wastewater Treatment plant Manufacturer and is dedicated to "Saving Mother Earth". We are a leader in Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Industrial RO Plant, Water ATM, and Green Waste … Learn More

This organization aims at reducing the spread of drug use and HIV &amp; AIDS. The organization is focused on communities and churches to address such issues with the ultimate aim to have a drug free and HIV free society. Learn More

Olam International is a leading agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 65 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 13,800 customers worldwide. Our team of 23,000 employees has built a leadership position in many businesses including cocoa, … Learn More

Http://www.orientcement.com Orient cement is part of CK Birla Group Top cement companies in india. Orient cement is leading top cement manufacturers in India. Best cement company in India Learn More

Overseas Volunteers for A Better India (OVBI)'s Water Team is on a mission to eliminate water poverty for rural farmers in India by the year 2030. OVBI is a 501-(c)(3), IRS registered non-profit based in the United States. We are … Learn More

The Pacific Institute envisions a world in which society, the economy, and the environment have the water they need to thrive now and in the future. In pursuit of this vision, the Institute creates and advances solutions to the world’s … Learn More

Water stewardship has long been one of PepsiCo’s top priorities, and it's an important part of building a Positive Value Chain. As one of the first companies of our size to acknowledge water as a human right, we have a … Learn More

Planet Water Foundation is a US based, non-profit organization focused on bringing clean water to the world's most disadvantaged communities through the installation of community-based water filtration systems and the deployment of hygiene education programs. Planet Water projects are focused … Learn More

ProCleanse is a subsidiary of a technology-driven company that has been an industry leader for more than 40 years in the business of soil modification, erosion &amp; sediment control and water management. The ProCleanse water filtration process is a revolutionary, … Learn More

Prospex design, manufacture and supply advanced reliable and cost-effective equipment’s &amp; infrastructure for corporate, urban and rural farming communities. Learn More

Raise For Sustainability is an initiative of a team of young change makers that works diligently to enable youth to comprehend the importance of the environment and environmental sustainability, makes concerted efforts to conserve it and tries to make the … Learn More

Ours is a Charitable Organization Providing services to Poor and needy irrespective of caste and creed. Regarding water Issues we are providing free Drinking water to School Children's by Installing RO Plants and Bore wells in Villages in entire Andhra … Learn More

The Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) is the global network of professionals and practitioners working to raise standards of knowledge and evidence, technical and professional competence, practice and policy in rural water supply and so fulfil the vision of sustainable … Learn More

SATHEE, a dedicated NGO based in the heart of Jharkhand, is your beacon of hope for transformative social change. With a relentless commitment to uplifting underserved communities, we are the driving force behind positive transformation in the region. Our dynamic … Learn More

Sustaining life on Earth; for all species Learn More

SABMiller is one of the world’s largest brewers, with more than 200 beer brands and some 70,000 employees in over 75 countries. We are also one of the world’s largest bottlers of Coca-Cola products. We’ve become a global leader by … Learn More

Our mission is to develop and demonstrate affordable, economically viable solutions, to share sector knowledge, and to build partnerships that reach millions in underserved communities. Safe Water Network is a non-profit organization working to advance the scale and impact of … Learn More

The Diocese of Satna, which was bifurcated from the Diocese of Jabalpur, came into existence the year 1977. Social Work activities had been initiated since its inception in the year 1968 as an Exarchate. “Samaritan Social Service Society”, the social … Learn More

SAMUHA works to Improve the Quality of Life of Vulnerable Communities. The HUF-SAMUHA Partnership has now made water central to its development understanding. The project’s focus on excessive irrigation in a world with deteriorating water resources and the use of … Learn More

Sustainable development education health environmental studies and protection program Learn More

To develop and commercialize a turnkey, self-financing solution to collect river plastic waste transform it into Revenue, Profit and Local Employment. Our Solutions On top of the Blue Barriers, we also offer a wide range of technical solutions to cater … Learn More

Servotech Power Systems Ltd. is an NSE-listed organization, founded in 2004 and headquartered in New Delhi. Leveraging over two decades of experience and expertise in the electronics space Servotech specializes in developing tech-enabled EV Charging solutions. Servotech offers an extensive … Learn More

SIDS strives to provide opportunities for health, education and socio-economic development of the poor and downtrodden people with particular emphasis on differentially vulnerable groups like women, children, the rural poor and the berated youths towards the envisioned society. Learn More

To best Best CAD Services across the globe @ a cost effective rate: For more info visit : https://www.siliconinfo.com/ Learn More

The Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) is an autonomous organization, taking over the Sindh irrigation and drainage system from the Sindh Irrigation and Power Department. It was established in 1997, an innovative act to devolve power in the water … Learn More

Siruthuli is an NGO in Coimbatore, India working for the betterment of environment with special focus on water resources and green cover. Siruthuli also strives to strengthen the eco-consciousness of the general public, especially student fraternity so as to ensure … Learn More

We are Ukrainian company SOUZ-CONTINENT. Our company has advanced innovative, high-tech development projects to work with the water is getting the alternate energy and water purification. Very interested in mutually beneficial cooperation for the prosperity of the world community. Learn More

ABOUT STRATEGIC FORESIGHT GROUP Strategic Foresight Group (SFG) is a think - tank engaged in crafting new policy concepts that enable decision makers to prepare for a future in uncertain times. Founded in 2002 to create new forms of intellectual … Learn More

Wastewater treatment and reuse is the primary mission of Tankerwala. Apart from in-site recycling, transporting the treated water from water reclamation plants to construction sites and parks for irrigation on water trucks is the moat of the company. Learn More

Tata Steel is an Indian multinational steel-making company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and a subsidiary of the Tata Group Learn More

Tech Mahindra offers innovative and customer-centric digital experiences, enabling enterprises, associates and the society to Rise for a more equal world, future readiness, and value creation. It is a USD 6.5+ billion organization with 152k+ professionals across 90 countries helping … Learn More

Christopher Gleadle brings Sustainability, and the Green Economy• to life and shows you how to capture, create and deliver more value: serve customers better, reduce costs and mitigate conspiring environmental and social risk to see opportunity for greater profit. His … Learn More

CAWST, the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology, is a non-profit organization that provides training and consulting to organizations that work directly with populations in developing countries who lack access to clean water and basic sanitation. CAWST "walks beside" … Learn More

About the Centre: The Centre for Environment, Urban Governance and Infrastructure Development (CEUGID) is one of the 12 centres at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI). Our mission is to accelerate SDG 6.2 for 10% of India's urban population by … Learn More

The Coca-ColaCompany is the world's largest beverage company. The purpose of company is to refresh the world and make a difference. Our vision is to craft the brands and choice of drinks that people love, to refresh them in body … Learn More

The Third Pole is a forum for information and discussion about the Tibetan plateau and the rivers that originate there. Learn More

The Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) is a business platform enabling private sector engagement; connecting large and small companies; and ensuring close collaboration between private, public and non-profit sectors with the common goal to accelerate the business of sanitation for all. … Learn More

Trucost provides data and insight to help its clients understand the economic consequences of natural capital dependency. Our clients include companies and their advisors, the investment community, governments, academics and thought leaders. Learn More

UDYAMA is a Development Catalytic organization working for close to two &amp; half decades with an emotional relationship with communities, institutions &amp; working with various constituents having strong exposure in implementation &amp; adaptive research of human capital building, agro ecology … Learn More

UN Global Compact Network India (GCNI), formed in November 2000, was registered in 2003 as a non-profit society to function as the Indian Local Network of the Global Compact, New York. It is the first Local Network in the world … Learn More

India's 1st Green Business School, built by CEOs who have led multi billion dollar businesses in over 100 countries, situated close to Mumbai. It is focused on Sustainability and is practicing Rain Water Harvesting on Campus. Learn More

Research Learn More

To inspire, educate and enable residential complexes, business &amp; institution campuses and manufacturing &amp; service industries to become sustainable efficient and self sufficient in relation to their water management. Learn More

To Foster Democratic &amp; Equitable Living Environment, Where all Vulnerable people specially underprivileged, women and Children have to access to Education, Health, Sustainable Livelihood opportunity and essential infrastructure services irrespective of their economic and social status. Learn More

VILLAGES UNIS est une ONG Suisse, reconnue d’utilité publique au N° 080.913007 date de la décision 18/12/2013 et basée dans la république et Canton de Genève Elle est active dans les domaines de la coopération au développement, à l'aide humanitaire … Learn More

WASH is critical to leading healthy lives. Yet billions of people every day still do not have access to safe and clean water for drinking or washing, toilets and basic hygiene requirements to ensure that they stay healthy and well. … Learn More

Most research and innovation is framed to address the problems of today. But often, by the time the research is done, circumstances change and the proposed solutions are no longer relevant. We devise solutions that will be relevant even 10–20 … Learn More

WSAFE a young startup, to position itself as research and result oriented company in the field of Water SAFEty and sustainability solution. We plan to implement our ancient Indian Vedic wisdom based innovative products and ease of implementation methodology to … Learn More

Wastewater Exchange is the designer and the implementer of the Ethical Water Exchange (all rights reserved) transforming wastewater into commoditised treated wastewater for the good sake of our health, planet, economy &amp; water resources as common good. Learn More

Water Canada is an influencer, a networker, and a newsmaker. Our editors and researchers know the industry and the people implementing plans and projects on the frontlines. Thousands of readers turn to us for exclusive, insightful content that speaks to … Learn More

Water for All 2015 Global Conclave and Exhibition that takes place on 8th and 9th Jan 2015 in Mumbai. The event consists of 9 conferences and features 200+ Speakers from Government, Industry, NGO and Water Solution Companies. Experts speakers share … Learn More

Water For People exists to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. OUR VISION A world where every person has access to reliable and safe water … Learn More

The Water Integrity Network is an action-oriented coalition of organizations and individuals promoting water integrity to reduce and prevent corruption in the water sector. Its membership includes the public sector, the private sector, and civil society, as well as leading … Learn More

Water Offsets is a vertically integrated WaterTECH company, working in high water stress countries to deliver water resilient communities, companies and cities. Many cities are experiencing rapid urbanisation, climate change, floods, droughts, dwindling water resources resulting in poor water supply, … Learn More

Water Technologies International (GR8 Water) is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of technologically advanced Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). These unique devices utilize a patent pending air purification input system to produce clean, great-tasting, safe water from the humidity in … Learn More

The Water-Culture Institute promotes the sustainable management of our rivers, lakes, springs, and groundwater through (1) applying indigenous wisdom, and philosophical and cultural traditions that respect the rights of nature, (2) conducting research into ethics and value systems related to … Learn More

We believe there's a smart way to end the global water crisis. Millions of people around the world could get access to safe water in their homes with the help of small, affordable loans. That's where we come in. Water.org … Learn More

WaterAid is an international NGO focused exclusively on ensuring equitable access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education for the world’s poorest communities. Formed in 1981, we have been working in water, sanitation and hygiene for over 30 years. To … Learn More

WaterQuest is an eco-conscious start-up that uses Artificial Intelligence to carry out virtual prospecting for locating perennial groundwater sources between depth of 300-800 meters. Our Virtual Prospecting program has taken almost 40 years to develop and has been validated across … Learn More

WaterStep responds to critical needs for safe water by evaluating and implementing solutions and teaching people to use those tools. WaterStep saves lives with safe water by empowering communities to take care of their own long-term water needs. We believe … Learn More

Established in 1993, Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) has, over the years, entered diverse sectors and grown institutionally and geographically. It is one of the premier NGOs tackling water scarcity, rural poverty, and food insecurity in the dry lands of India … Learn More

We are a Young, passionate, responsible &amp; committed environmental conscious individuals working towards one common sustainability goal of Water positive future for everyone. Water tree is a Design &amp; Build start up with focus to provide rainwater harvesting &amp; water … Learn More

Wello is a social venture with a bold mission: to deliver clean water to a thirsty world. By reframing the water crisis as an opportunity, Wello has reinvented the wheel and developed an innovative and sustainable business model. THE WATERWHEEL … Learn More

Whirlpool Corporation is fiercely committed to helping our consumers improve their lives at home through the use of our products. We design our products with our consumers in mind—including innovative features that save time, reduce costs and lower their environmental … Learn More

Wipro is a top tier IT services and products company based out of Bangalore, India. Sustainability is a core focus area for the organisation and we are working on a few projects to understand source and community water protection. Learn More

Promoting the use of innovative water-from-air tech for evaporation and condensate recapture &amp; reuse by communities and businesses resiliently adapting to global warming and responding to disasters. In arid and drying regions lacking or losing surface and groundwaters, atmospheric (clean) … Learn More

Youth foundation of Bangladesh is a completely youth based origination. Our aim is to unite young people and to make their living meaningful. All youth have the ability to change social environments by changing one's own. It is a youth's … Learn More

Our Vision is widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry, driving innovations and best practices in textile, apparel and footwear industries to protect consumers, workers and the environment. Our Mission is to enable brands and retailers in the textile, apparel, and footwear … Learn More

Safe drinking water for all. Learn More

SaciWATERs, the South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies, is a policy research institute based in Hyderabad, India. From its inception in 2001, it has focused on critical issues related to water resources management in south Asia. A key … Learn More

People With Purpose Our world is constantly changing. So it's reassuring to know that there are some things we can always trust to help us take the best possible care of ourselves and the ones we love. This trust inspires … Learn More

ÁLON connects people and resources to raise awareness, converge best practice and collaboration, to support the transition of industries, leaders &amp; lifestyles dependent on water – towards minimizing our water footprints. “We aim to shape consensus among pioneering Water Ambassadors … Learn More

Projects in India

Since 2016 the Toilet Board Coalition’s accelerator program has been supporting entrepreneurs with bespoke mentorship, partnership and the visibility to scale their sanitation economy businesses. More than toilets alone, we look for commercially viable businesses across the sanitation economies – … Learn More

2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) and Hindustan Unilever Foundation established a partnership to develop innovative, large-scale solutions for India's water challenges. The solutions are to focus on technology, finance, knowledge, and results-based implementation and will target the agriculture sector, … Learn More

Our Sanand vehicle assembly and engine plants in India have one of Ford’s largest and most advanced water and wastewater treatment facilities. After being treated, 30 to 35 percent of gray water from office washrooms, canteen and manufacturing operations is … Learn More

We see an opportunity to reduce costs incurred in purchasing water and also dependency on freshwater sources that are threatened by overutilization and climate change. Also saving of water through Water Sensors decreasing the consumption of water. Project Results Reduced … Learn More

Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, the market leader in Oral Care, in partnership with the nonprofit organization Water For People India Trust, launched its Amravati Water initiative today in the Amravati District of Maharashtra. This program is an expansion of ColgateÕs partnership … Learn More

The project was deployed in a Government Higher Secondary School near Vellore, a couple of hours from Chennai, India. The project was a collaboration between Planet Water Foundation and Cole Haan as well as Cole Haan's local supplier companies. Before … Learn More

Self-supporting community- based mitigation program that provides arsenic safe water using modified dugwells along with public education on water related health effects.Project ResultsOver 50 bore-dugwells have been completed supporting over 2,000 individuals Learn More

Best ppc services in delhi, PPC Services in Delhi Ncr Need a PPC Management Agency to Grow your Business with Adwords Certified Partner. Proven Client Successes.PPC services in Delhi, ppc companies in delhi, PPC agency in delhi. Drive costs down … Learn More

Cooking with gas from cow dungIn many rural households in India, cooking is done over simple open fireplaces in the home. This requires a lot of wood and causes toxic smoke. Respiratory and eye infections are very common, especially among … Learn More

Indian families cook with their own biogasThe majority of India's rural population uses the Chula, an inefficient clay stove, for cooking. A family's income is less than USD 400 a year, so people depend on cheap fuels. Collecting firewood often … Learn More

Created in 2014, this project aims at: Providing solutions to coffee farmers to face climate change. Helping farmers produce qualitative coffee by planting trees in coffee’s parcels to create shadow. Empowering communities through agroforestry practices. “All the family is involved … Learn More

The serious droughts that have occurred in recent years in Australia and the increase in demand for drinking water have led local companies to promote alternatives to the use of fresh water. Accordingly Kwinana cogeneration, located near Perth, has modified … Learn More

“Mithi river” has lost its definition of being a river. Riverbanks have been a support system of the civilization for centuries. However, looking at the Mithi river today, it doesn’t seem anything like that. Over the years, Mithi river has … Learn More

Implementation of specific pilot measures in the Indian cities of Kochi (Kerala), Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) and Bhubaneshwar (Orissa) to anchor climate-friendly solutions in urban management in the areas of urban green planning, “green buildings“ (=improvement of climate and environmental impacts … Learn More

VISION By 2030, Noyyal and Bhavani are healthy river eco-systems that ensure water security for people and nature. The main objectives are: By 2019, establish the interactions and trade-offs between users and sectors in representative zones of the Bhavani and … Learn More

The first Clearford One system in India was constructed in 2015-16 at Jambudiyapura Village in Gujarat State, making the village the first open defecation free sewered tribal village in Gujarat. The project was funded by the Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) … Learn More

Magnitude of Risks and Vulnerability are deep rooted in this project areas. The underlying causes of poverty are enhanced risks, vulnerability and reduced sustainable livelihood promotion interventions beyond natural hazards. The urgent need for reduction of risks and vulnerability at … Learn More

Construction Companies In Gurgaon Gurgoan City is home to many of the world's most influential corporations, prominent financial institutions, treasured architecture, and largest employers. https://www.senseprojects.in/construction-company-in-gurgaon/ Project Results Construction Companies In Gurgaon Gurgoan City is home to many of the world's … Learn More

Constructing four check dams in the Bundelkhand region of Central India, this program is bringing access to water to this drought-stricken area. As much as 46% of the population lives below the poverty line, which is exacerbated by declining water … Learn More

"Cognizant and Grundfos have announced funding support for restoring the Sembakkam lake in Chennai. The two companies will collaborate with the India chapter of the Nature Conservancy, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, and Chennai-based Care Earth Trust, a non-governmental organization … Learn More

Unilever has committed to donating sanitizer, soap, bleach and food worth €100 million to those in need. Half of the donations will go to the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform in support of global health organizations. The other half … Learn More

Conventionally, farmers across Pakistan cultivate rice by sowing seeds within nurseries, and then transplanting the seedlings into the puddled soil of the paddy fields. However, this approach requires large amounts of water, as well as labour and fuel. Also, in … Learn More

Implementation of a sustainable relationship with suppliers is a key component of Danone's activity, within its own business and throughout its ecosystem. Danone south Africa is engaging 4 years plan jointly with WWF 1)Water Efficiency Collaboration Initiative through: i) Assess … Learn More

OBJECTIVES The objective of the project is to : – create a biodynamic ecosystem that brings back optimal agricultural conditions for tea production: soil enrichment, erosion reduction, beneficial biodiversity (pest control), shading, retaining humidity... Hence ensuring the long-term quality and … Learn More

We strive to develop innovative products that enable consumers to use less water while meeting or exceeding efficacy expectations. Colgate also promotes water conservation awareness globally. We understand that the water required to use our products represents the largest portion … Learn More

The Diageo Water Blueprint lays out a roadmap for the company to address water challenges across four key areas: Sourcing. Diageo works closely with its suppliers to reduce water impacts in its supply chain by providing tools for its suppliers, … Learn More

In Honduras, Hurricane ETA was devastating. It left many families homeless and without safe water for over a month. Xylem Watermark, together with Diseine (our distributor in Honduras), Planet Water and DHL, made it possible to carry, install and run … Learn More

At GSK we aim to reduce environmental impacts across our value chain while extending access to our products for the people who need them – by minimising our carbon footprint, reducing local water impacts and cutting operational waste. We have … Learn More

Microsoft has identified the San Antonio region as a priority region for our replenishment/water positive commitment. The primary focus in on maintaining/protecting aquifer recharge in order to protect a major source aquifer in the San Antonio region of Texas, which … Learn More

Sustainable sugar cane cultivation As part of the sustainable sugar cane cultivation project in India, a number of innovations are being introduced together with the farmers that make it possible to save large amounts of water. Instead of sugar cane … Learn More

The first urban floodplain in Spain has been recognized by the #PorElClima Community as a pioneering nature-based solution to solve flood problems in large cities SUEZ in Spain has presented, within the framework of the COP25 that will be held … Learn More

The company works to align public policy positions with water stewardship goals and increase community development activities by making liaisons with other companies or the government to provide mechanisms for the villagers to have access to potable water.Project ResultsImproved access … Learn More

Bayer is actively engaged in a continuous dialogue with stakeholders including e.g. employees, customers, neighbors, NGOs, politicians and the general public. We are actively participating in stakeholder panels at river-basin level ranging from the participation in community panels, e.g. in … Learn More

Essilor launched a global program “Reboost” to continuously improve the production process through increased water efficiency and to share the best practices in global operations. Thanks to the investment (mainly on MBBR Plant, STP Plant, ETP Plant, WTP Plant, Hard … Learn More

In the Luapula Province of Zambia, we work with over 900 smallholder farmers, of which over 30% are women, to locally source cassava for our locally brewed Eagle Lager beer. To boost the quality of cassava grown in the region, … Learn More

We work with our suppliers to decrease their water footprints over time and to determine any risk to the supply of products. This is done by implementing annual Water Footprint Index (WFI) assessments, as part of the Farming for the … Learn More

In the reporting year, Marico has created farm ponds and a water catchment area to maintain the groundwater table and for the benefit of the community. Farm Pond: In the current year, we executed the project of constructing 60 farm … Learn More

Indian smallholding farmers shifting from traditional farming have been practicing conventional agriculture for roughly the last five decades. This resource-intensive model has depleted soil and ground water, decreased levels of soil microbes and micronutrients, while reducing the diversity of flora … Learn More

The status of “National River” for the Ganga, facilitated the constitution of the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA), an empowered planning, financing, monitoring and coordinating body on February 20, 2009 under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 for cleaning of … Learn More

The condition of the Ganges river is becoming worse day by day because of an increase in the dumping of waste by the locals directly into it. Earth5R team will act on this issue by cleaning a bank of river … Learn More

Started the Ghana Water Initiative to provide access to basic water and improve quality of life in communities in Ghana, by creating jobs and building competencies around water stations. In 2019 we began the Ghana Water Initiative in a public-private … Learn More

Water Fund is a model development by The Nature Conservancy for catalyzing collective action for the sustainable management of water. A Water Fund unites public, private and civil society stakeholder around the common goal of contributing to water security through … Learn More

In 2017, Inditex continued to integrate sustainability criteria for the use of water in all of its business areas, thanks to the implementation of its Global Water Management Strategy. The rational use of water and zero discharge commitment of undesirable … Learn More

Trees are a key part of citiesÕ green infrastructure. They provide many environmental services like storm water reduction, air pollution removal (CO, PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2), increase in biodiversity and habitat, etc. However, in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey there … Learn More

The Cauvery delta, located at the mouth of the 80,000 sq. km Cauvery river basin, lies at the epicentre of a 150 year long inter-state dispute between the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Today, the Cauvery delta is under … Learn More

In response to the pandemic, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has reconfigured its production lines to produce 2.5 tons of hand sanitizer. In North America, IFF has developed a unique hand sanitizer called Hope 2020, partnering with a distiller to … Learn More

In India, we have completed an intensive eight- day hygiene behavior change campaign in seven different languages. We worked together with partner organisations, community groups and other key stakeholders to raise awareness of ‘Good Hygiene Practices to Prevent COVID-19’. To … Learn More

The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have partnered together to explore options for ‘Improving the water productivity in agriculture. The project is looking at farm-based approaches based on principles … Learn More

We see an opportunity to reduce costs incurred in purchasing water; also dependency on freshwater sources that is threatened by overutilization and climate change through Water recycling. We recognize the need to report quantifiable water metrics and targets as they … Learn More

We are investing in new projects and business models that can increase access to water, including the creation of community hygiene and water centres. Over 1,500 people in one of Mumbai’s largest slums are benefiting from clean water and facilities … Learn More

Located in Karnataka, the project consists in the construction of a 21MW wind farm in the district of Koppal. It is constructed to deliver renewable power to the Indian power grid. A total of 10 turbines are installed, each with … Learn More

INDIA IS FACING A WATER CRISIS, AND IN THE COMING YEARS, THE NEED FOR FOOD WILL GROW PROPORTIONATELY TO THE POPULATION GROWTH.The Indian government has launched the Kusum scheme,which aims to provide small farmers with solar pumpingequipment in areas without … Learn More

The current water scenario in India poses a direct threat to the industries. Many industries, today, are facing the problem of water scarcity that is not only affecting their operations but has potential of forcing them to shut down the … Learn More

Motivation To ensure supply of safe drinking water for the students and village people by installing 15 tube wells. To make aware and sensitize the target community people and students about to control water borne diseases. To improve the health … Learn More

•Project goal: To enhance and sustain the availability of safe drinking water throughout the year in select villages in water-scarce Gulbarga and Raichur districts, Karnataka state •Demonstrate community-led drinking water security through groundwater recharge replenishment and effective management of available … Learn More

Project Jal Samridhi is distributing water purifiers to 15000 families in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, India as Phase 1. The project is being implemented in partnership with Parmarth Samaj Sevi Sansthan, pioneers of the “Jal Saheli” model of … Learn More

KardiaNuts was established in 2018 through the vision of its founder for an empowered rural Colombia, with established networks for future growth, reduction of poverty and inequality, and preservation of the environment. KardiaNuts intends to achieve this vision through the … Learn More

The three-year Madhu Shree initiative was conceptualised and designed by the three parties with three core objectives: Enhancing farm productivity by adopting a sustainable package of best agronomy practices, promoting water-use efficiency in sugarcane cultivation, promoting the rural economy The … Learn More

Maharashtra is situated in the central part of the country on the western coast. A mountain range passes through the state which creates rain shadow region of Maharashtra. In addition, inequitable and insufficient rains give rise to some of the … Learn More

We supported UNICEF�s global response to the COVID-19 pandemic to expand efforts to keep children and their families safe from infection. Our donation of $450,000 and $55,000 in essential supplies, including water tanks and pipes manufactured by Orbia, helped address … Learn More

Green Again Madagascar is restoring the tropical rainforests of eastern Madagascar, which are habitats for lemurs and thousands of plant species found nowhere else on Earth. Nearly 90% of MadagascarÕs biodiverse rainforests have been lost to unsustainable agriculture. This adversely … Learn More

Indian cities are running out of water. 11 of IndiaÕs 20 largest cities face ÔextremeÕ water stress, while seven others face ÔhighÕ stress At least half the urban water supplies in India are through groundwater, and IndiaÕs urban groundwater resources … Learn More

Our company Maithri Aquatech has developed MEGHDOOT (which in Sanskrit means Messenger of the Clouds), an Atmospheric Water Generator which produces the purest form of potable water from the humidity present in the AIR! The water is also microbe-free and … Learn More

NaWaTech was an Indo-European collaborative project whose objective was to explore, evaluate and improve the potential, performance and reliability of different water treatment systems to cope with the water shortage in India. The concept on which the NaWaTech project was … Learn More

India today faces some of the gravest water challenges in the world. Nearly 25% of the countryÕs population lives in water-scarce areas and 14 of the 20 major river basins in the country are already water-stressed and will move towards … Learn More

In India, cultivating 1 kg of sugar cane can require between 1,500 and 3,000 litres of water. With the support of partners IFC, Hindustan Unilever Foundation, Solidaridad and New Holland, Olam’s smallholder OLC programme in Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh, which … Learn More

Deep Specialization in Circular Economy &amp; Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management for Transforming Urban Areas September 18, 2021 | March 31, 2022 Why is this course important? Municipal Solid Waste generation is on a steep rise and its management has … Learn More

The number of washing-dyeing-finishing mills in and around Dhaka, Bangladesh has grown rapidly in recent years putting mounting pressure on groundwater and degrading surface water quality. The Water Footprint Network is an implementing partner in the Partnership for Cleaner Textile … Learn More

When we think about cattle ranching in Brazil, we usually donÕt tend to relate it to sustainability. The Pasto Vivo project serves to demonstrate it can be done differently, and will create knowledge and raise awareness on how integrating regenerative … Learn More

PAVITR project is an interdisciplinary and closely interconnected cluster of universities, research institutes, SMEs, and nongovernmental entities, which will provide real solutions for the water related challenges via the identification/recognition and establishment of knowledge chains of expertise as well as … Learn More

Building on over a decade of focus on operational water efficiency, P&amp;G is now working towards a holistic water stewardship strategy throughout its value chain. An evaluation of water risks across the life cycle of its products helped P&amp;G select … Learn More

Nearly 72% of the sewage generated in the India is untreated and ends up in stormwater drains and further into lakes and rivers. Phoenix NEEL installed in Chennai is a rugged water reclamation system capable of treating open-drain sewage from … Learn More

In Portugal, we launched ÒPlantar çguaÓ, a project in partnership with Associa‹o Natureza Portugal, WWF and the Coca-Cola Foundation. Through the project we will be able to replenish approximately 250 million litres of water a year, in a region devastated … Learn More

In partnership with INTACH & National Mission for Clean Ganga, a long term vision to plant Rudraksha tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) along the river catchment is being implemented. Since 2018 we have planted more than 12,000 + native saplings in the … Learn More

PepsiCo’s response in these watersheds is to implement our global water strategy where we strive for Positive Water Impact in and near the communities where we work — meaning our efforts and collaborations will be designed to enable long-term, sustainable … Learn More

"Project Nandghar provides children with a safe and friendly learning environment with amenities like safe drinking water, uninterrupted supply of solar power, digital learning facilities and more.264 Nandghars were constructed, taking the total count to 314" Learn More

The proposed project main objective is aimed at supplying the project communities with reliable easily accessible clean water through the construction of hand dug wells, Build places of convenience in the communities, Build institutional latrines for schools to improve sanitation … Learn More

Project WET is currently active in more than 75 countries around the world through a network of partner organizations that range from small NGOs to major international corporations and organizations. We only go where we’re invited! We work with our … Learn More

NestlŽ WatersÕ flagship water preservation initiative, Agrivair, was established back in 1992. This pioneering community project, which covers 10 000 hectares in the Vosges region of France, was designed to protect the quality of the sources of our Vittel, Contrex … Learn More

This project installed and maintained rainwater harvesting (RWH) and artificial aquifer recharge (AAR) technology to improve groundwater supply reliability for local communities. In 2016, an additional rainwater harvesting-recharge well was installed in Barnala, Punjab. Learn More

This project aimes at harvesting the rainwater from the rooftops and collecting them in underground sump tanks to provide safe water for drinking and cooking and some water for sanitation. Learn More

Installing rainwater harvesting structures across India to reduce water scarcity, this program works to combat depleting groundwater levels with simple and effective solutions. Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater and preventing its runoff, evaporation and seepage … Learn More

Ramatex facility in Suzhou, China, installed state-of-the-art wastewater treatment technology. That made the plantÕs treated wastewater significantly cleaner than discharge regulations required, so it was relatively easy and cost-effective to install a wastewater recycling system. By the end of FY19, … Learn More

Managing water scarity is a key priority in India where demand exceeds supply and quality is declining. The root of the problem is in agricultural water use, so, partners, we have worked with more than 18,00 farmers beyond our value … Learn More

"Ashapur, a village located in Sinnar taluka of Maharashtra, had been suffering from acute waterscarcity which severely affected cultivation, and fodder availability for the cattle. HCC, with the helpof Yuva Mitra, an NGO Based in Sinnar, rejuvenated the diversion based … Learn More

HCLFoundation has been methodically investing and persitently working on water conservation through community action and pubilc - private partnerships. We are focussed on creating water ecosystems and enhancing native biodiversity through the rejuvenation and conservation of water structures. Through a … Learn More

Panama's Azuero peninsula is a degraded agricultural landscape that is only 7% forested. Globally, less than 2% of dry forest remains. Extreme forest fragmentation endangers our endemic wildlife through habitat loss & reduces the productivity of local farmland. Climate change … Learn More

The general goal of the project was to bring lasting improvement in the health status of Village Gahiri, Pratapgarh by providing a Purifier water system owned and maintained by the community. Specific objectives the specific objectives of the project were … Learn More

Diageo has pledged 2 million liters of Grain Neutral Spirit, a 96% strength ethyl alcohol used to produce vodka and gin, to its manufacturing partners to produce over 8 million 250 ml bottles of hand sanitizer for frontline healthcare workers. … Learn More

We are committed, To provide clean and safe air, water, and land for all North Indians. To protect and improve the environment as a valuable asset for the people of North India. To protect people and the environment from harmful … Learn More

Udaipur�s first �Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)� implemented by Hindustan Zinc is an example of Public-Private-Partnership. Hindustan Zinc expects to treat maximum of Udaipur�s domestic sewage and this will help us in reducing our dependencies on fresh water at our Rajpura … Learn More

None Learn More

Solar energy and social commitment in South IndiaIn India, most electricity is still generated from fossil fuels, 57 percent from coal alone. The share of electricity from renewable sources is 20 percent, a quarter of which is solar energy.Thanks to … Learn More

The project activity generates electricity using solar energy. The generated electricity is exported to the regional electricty grid system in India.The grouped project activity is a step towards supporting the implementation and installation of grid connected renewable energy power plants … Learn More

In India, we have a unique collaboration through our Joint-Venture Jasmine Concrete Export Private Limited, a leader in Indian floral extract. They have developed direct sourcing from more than 1,000 Jasmine grandiflorum farmers in Tamil Nadu, through long-term contracts, advance … Learn More

It has also become apparent that in the Ceres region, coupled with recurrent drought, issues of groundwater are increasingly becoming a problem for the farmers. Groundwater is usually used for emergency water but in Ceres particularly, farmers are very dependent … Learn More

Essilor has launched its Supplier Sustainability Program (SSP) in 2015, managed by 2 dedicated FTEs. The program includes a new supplier charter with consideration of environmental responsibility of our suppliers including water criteria, sustainability training for the suppliers, use of … Learn More

We built 3 new industrial cogeneration plants in 2020; condominiums to which we provide �energy services�, �solar thermal�, �thermal insulation�, �tax creditassignment offer�, or �heat metering system� are up 6.5%. Learn More

The Water Stewardship project aimed to improve and strengthen sustainable access to water and sanitation for the communities of 12 project villages, spread across Nanded and Baramati villages in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The project was implemented from January … Learn More

The company sets up farmer support projects that teach farmers a range of good agricultural practices including improved irrigation techniques. We have partnered with drip irrigation providers to supply farmers with modern irrigation systems at a subsidized rate. We are … Learn More

Sustainable sugar cane cultivation in India Sugar cane cultivation is becoming increasingly important in India. The reasons for this are on the one hand the increasing demand for the raw material sugar. On the other hand, sugar cane is also … Learn More

India's largest single-location HSAT based solar power project Adani’s Solar PV plant in Bathinda is India’s largest single-axis tracker-based solar PV project. Spread over 641 acres of land, the plant features power evacuation through 132 kV double circuit transmission lines … Learn More

The majority of families in rural areas of India depend on wood as a source of household energy. As a result, the wood resources degrade constantly. Furthermore, collecting firewood, which is traditionally a female task, is time and labor intensive, … Learn More

The Breathing Space Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS) Programme is a voluntary Programme of Activities that disseminates energy efficient cook-stoves to households in India.India�s domestic sector is one of its largest primary energy consumers with 75% of energy requirements met by … Learn More

The Grand Karnataka Project aims to provide training and work towards increasing groundwater table level through Watershed management project in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka, Rotary Club of Bangalore, VVKI (Art of Living Foundation), Rotary Club of Silicon Valley … Learn More

The HUF-SAMUHA Partnership believes that the present flood-irrigated HEIDA (High External Inputs Destructive Agriculture) paddy cultivation practices consumes undesirable levels of water, and which introduces unacceptable levels of systemic chemicals and synthetics into the food chain needs to be shifted … Learn More

One of the World's Largest single location solar power project was commissioned by the Adani Group at Kamuthi, in Tamil Nadu, with an investment of around INR 45.5 billion. It spans a vast area of 2,500 acres, equivalent to about … Learn More

HCLFoundation in partnership with various government agencies and non profit organizations has been creating urban forest models that can be scalable and replicable. Through a PPP model we have been able plant more than 3 Lakh + native saplings, thus … Learn More

WaterHealth India (WHIN) is a wholly owned subsidiary of WaterHealth International, a company that aims at providing scalable, safe drinking water solutions to underserved areas in India through advanced technology and self-sustaining business models based on WaterHealth Centres. These centres … Learn More

WaterAid is an international NGO focused exclusively on ensuring equitable access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH) for the world’s poorest communities. Formed in 1981 we have been working in water, sanitation and hygiene for over 30 years. … Learn More

Water.org’s primary solution is WaterCredit – small, affordable loans accessed by people at the base of the economic pyramid to install locally appropriate household water and sanitation solutions. Water.org partners with local financial institutions to implement water and sanitation lending … Learn More

The site have invested £2 million in water conservation measures, to improve water use rates by 50% and minimise water withdrawals. The project was completed in the current reporting year. Additionally, the overall project at Pioneer site will also involve … Learn More

To improve the water table in surrounding villages, in FY 2019, Sindesar Khurd Mines unit initiated a project for deepening a pond of capacity 5.32 Lakh m3 in the vicinity. The approximate project cost for this intervention was ` 3.5 … Learn More

In FY17, Formosa Taffeta Changshu, a materials vendor, was near the bottom of our global ranking in terms of freshwater efficiency. Considering all freshwater use (rather than just for dyeing and finishing), its FY16 baseline was 205 liters of freshwater … Learn More

Marico water management strategy critically considers the risk of non-availability or shortage of water in the near future which could lead to disruption in the our production capability. Our 2022 water target to offset 100% of water consumed in our … Learn More

The company has invested a huge amount to augment infrastructure at Steel Works and raw material divisions to reduce its dependency on fresh water. All our raw material divisions consume fresh water mainly for domestic purposes. The requirement of process … Learn More

Various projects have been implemented in TSL to mitigate the risk under the umbrella of Zero Effluent Discharge. These projects have already helped us to reduce our fresh water requirement significantly. Other than ZED projects TSL has invested heavily to … Learn More

In our factories located across India, we support water efficiency projects through the central capital programme. During 2017, we invested nearly 1.7m Euro through our sustainability capital programme into the sites located in the Ganges Basin. These projects include processing … Learn More

Apart from water efficiency, reuse and recycling in operation of the plant, we have undertaken a "Water Positive" program which intends to return back more water to nature and society than it uses for operations by following water efficiency, water … Learn More

Apart from water efficiency, reuse and recycling in operation of the plant, we have undertaken a "Water Positive" program which intends to return back more water to nature and society than it uses for operations by following water efficiency, water … Learn More

Apart from water efficiency, reuse and recycling in operation of the plant, we have undertaken a "Water Positive" program which intends to return back more water to nature and society than it uses for operations by following water efficiency, water … Learn More

Water efficiency targets implemented at the Business Units; Water intensity measures used to measure targets; Dry processing technology and processes fitted into new plants and retro fitted where possible on existing plants. Recycling of water increases by installation of filter … Learn More

Through LightStay, every hotel in our portfolio is required to regularly report and monitor all sources of water use against an improvement goal. In addition to this, hotels are required to always have an active water-related sustainability improvement project registered. … Learn More

In order to manage these risks, we have an established system in place for water conservation that includes a business plan for specific water reduction initiatives, and identification and implementation of an action plan followed by periodic monitoring at operational … Learn More

This project brings safe drinking water to the villagers of A.Sanivaramu, who've been fetching water from spring sources. They contaminate the same source from which they consume for their household and ablution purposes. This project also introduces sanitation and community … Learn More

This project would bring safe drinking water to the villagers of GATHAM PAKALA | ASRADA | BHEEMANAPALLI, who've been fetching water from spring sources. They contaminate the source and consume the same for their household and ablution purposes. This project … Learn More

This project brings safe drinking water to the villagers of Palada, who've been fetching water from spring sources. They contaminate the same source from which they consume for their household and ablution purposes. This project also introduces sanitation and community … Learn More

Lasting water and sanitation solutions can only be achieved when local actors – the private sector, civil society, and local government – are supported. As such, Water For People partners with and builds the skills of the District, Block Governments, … Learn More

This project would bring safe drinking water to the villagers of Rintada who've been fetching water from spring sources. They contaminate the source and consume the same for their household and ablution purposes. Learn More

Gap Inc. and longtime sourcing and franchise partner Arvind Limited launched this Center of Excellence to catalyze innovative water scarcity solutions for the apparel industry. The new innovation center, opening in 2020, will promote the adoption of proven, scalable strategies … Learn More

Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Delhi Assam, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Tripura, Uttarakhand Water.org has reached 15 million people in India with lasting access to water … Learn More

Water is a previous natural resource and its judicious use is responsibility of every company. At AGEL, water is required for construction of renewable energy projects during construction phase and for solar module cleaning during the operations. Along with this, … Learn More

Pfizer has completed initial assessments of antibiotic discharges at all our Pfizer-owned and operated manufacturing sites and at our antibiotics suppliers in India. While many of these assessments indicate good practices are being implemented, work to further characterize risk and … Learn More

Mondi has invested some million rand in increasing the recycling capacity of water used at the mill and has installed water stewards for each department. Specific water consumption has been reduced by a further 9.8 % in 2016 compared to … Learn More

Water recycling, rain water harvesting systems. In case of change in availability of water, we are resilient to adverse effect due to these measures. We see an opportunity to reduce costs incurred in purchasing water and also dependency on fresh … Learn More

In case of a change in availability of water, we are resilient to adverse effect due to these measures. We see an opportunity to reduce costs incurred in purchasing water and also dependency on fresh water through STP and rain … Learn More

Water recycling and rain water harvesting systems. In case of a change in availability of water, we are resilient to adverse effect due to these measures. We see an opportunity to reduce costs incurred in purchasing water and also dependency … Learn More

The Sri City, India plant was built in 2015. Prior to construction, our Water Risk Assessment identified that the planned location represented a high water risk, which could limit the long term growth strategy. This risk was partially mitigated through … Learn More

In 2019, we expanded our engagement to the water-scarce Sabie & Crocodile catchment area in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa Ð an area which is strategically important for sourcing our citrus fruit and nuts. At the end of June … Learn More

WWF’s water risk assessment identified priority regions for PVH to focus our collective action water stewardship initiatives based on the level of risk defined by the WWF’s Water Risk Filter tool and PVH's sourcing communities. One of those key locations … Learn More

The project locations are hot, dry and drought prone areas and have an inconsistent rainfall pattern. As per the Indian Central Groundwater Board, the project locations fall under either 'over exploited' or 'semi critical' zones which means that more groundwater … Learn More

In this project, support for implementing a water supply system has been extended to 25 habitations. The project will ensure a supply of protected piped water to a population of 5321 distributed between 1043 families. Project ResultsOver 5200 people have … Learn More

•Project goal: To restore Chennai’s Sembakkam Lake to launch a restoration model to demonstrate how urban lakes and wetlands can provide ecosystem services including acting as carbon sinks, flood sinks, recharging groundwater, recycling nutrients, supporting flora and fauna, increasing resilience … Learn More

This project generates power using a renewable energy source (wind) and sells the power generated to the state grid.The project activity involves the installation and maintenance of Wind Turbines. The total installed capacity of the project is 80 MW; which … Learn More

We develop, build, own, operate and maintain utility-scale grid-connected renewable farm projects and generate revenue through the sale of electricity to Central and state government entities and government-backed corporations. For wind project development, we continuously evaluate various regions of the … Learn More

Additional partner: Institute for Sustainable Communities CONTEXT The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Gap Inc. share a common interest in improving the health and well-being of the women, families, and communities touched by the global apparel industry … Learn More

The Water Resilience Coalition (WRC), an industry-driven, CEO-led initiative convening global companies to address the global water crisis, today announced the launch of the Women + Water Collaborative, a flagship corporate collective action program to improve access to clean water … Learn More

The vision of the Resilient Asian Deltas (RAD) Initiative is that long term resilience of AsiaÕs delta systems is secured through unprecedented political and financial investment in Ôbuilding with natureÕ, which will protect and restore the natural river and coastal … Learn More

Water is vital to our manufacturing activities as well as to our entire value chain. Our production sites aroun the world look for innovative ways to cut day-to-day water needs. One example is our new Flavours plant in Pune, India, … Learn More

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