Apparel Action Areas & Value Chains

The Water Action Hub Apparel Portal is organized around a set of inter-related Action Areas and Value Chain Segments designed to facilitate connections between users and potential projects and partners with whom they have similarly aligned interests. When creating an Organizational Profile or Project Profile, please select as many Action Areas and Value Chain segments as apply to your organizational interests and/or project(s). Find out more about each Action Area and Value Chain Segment by clicking on the links below.

Apparel Action Areas
Access to Safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) (3 Projects)
Cleaner Production / Chemicals Management (4 Projects)
Cotton (2 Projects)
Industial Water Use Efficiency (5 Projects)

Apparel Value Chains
Garment and Footwear Manufacturing Facilities (4 Projects)
Laundry and Dyeing (6 Projects)
Raw Material Production (1 Project)
Textile Manufacturing (5 Projects)